Seetec 1 A4E 0

Tomorrow at 8:30AM I begin a placement which combines with a course at Learning Works. This has been found for me by Seetec, who even leaving aside everything else have thus done more to assist me in the space of three months than A4E managed in four times as long.

Given the draconian sanctions that A4E were allowed to use against people who failed to keep their side of the ‘bargain’, the lack of assistance I got in the time I was there was very unimpressive. I am thoroughly looking forward to being back in a working environment, and boosting my skill set.

At A4E I had to show up weekly to do jobsearch on their computers but was generally unsupervised, while at Seetec they see me only once a month and we keep in contact by email or phone otherwise, which I much prefer.

Today’s view from the rooftop features Clifton House Tower, with a bird perched atop the flagstick.