Black and White Railway Cigarette Cards

A whistle-stop tour of some railway themed cigarette cards.

Special Post: Southgate

INTRODUCTION Welcome to the latest post in my series “London Station by Station“. I hope you will enjoy this post and will be encouraged to share it. A TUBE QUIRK AND A CRICKETING BROTHERHOOD Southgate opened in 1933, as part of a northern extension of the Piccadilly line. The location is notable for two things, … Continue reading “Special Post: Southgate”

Super Sharing Saturday – The Last Post

The last of my series of “Super sharing Saturday” posts, includes some of the lighter moments of the last few days.

Project Piccadilly

A strictly personal survey of the Piccadilly line, with a suggestion for the revival and extension of the Aldwych branch.

Heritage Open Day 5: Out and about in Lynn on the big day

The combination of the fact that King’s Lynn is not huge and that I live plumb in the centre of it meant that for me at least my sole method of locomotion would be Shanks’ Pony. Some of the things that I saw while walking between official sites could have been seen on any day, … Continue reading “Heritage Open Day 5: Out and about in Lynn on the big day”

Heritage Open Day 8: The South Gate – a Medieval TARDIS

After thoroughly enjoying myself learning about fisheries research I headed along the Great Ouse as far as Hardings Pits, through Hardings Pits to ultimately join the main road just beyond the South Gate – not the quickest, but the most scenic route, and well within the compass of Shanks’ Pony. Obviously, living where I do, … Continue reading “Heritage Open Day 8: The South Gate – a Medieval TARDIS”

Heritage Open Day 7: Fisheries Research

The Great Ouse, the western boundary of King’s Lynn (on the other bank is West Lynn), is a commercial river, and the area has a long history of fishing. It was therefore both appropriate and very welcome that there was some exceedingly interesting and educational stuff provided by fisheries research people. Not only did they … Continue reading “Heritage Open Day 7: Fisheries Research”