The Railway Detective, Part 1: Books 1-4

INTRODUCTION As well as my title piece I have a couple of important links to share. I have mentioned the Railway Detective, Inspector Robert Colbeck, in various previous posts without going into much detail. Today I am devoting a whole post to him and his exploits, which will be the first of a three such … Continue reading “The Railway Detective, Part 1: Books 1-4”

The Railway Detective Part 3: Books 9-12

INTRODUCTION Welcome to this third and final post devoted to the doings of the Railway Detective, Inspector Robert Colbeck, as chronicled by Edward Marston. The to view the previous posts click: 1)For the post about books 1-4 2)For the post about books 5-8 3)Every post in which I have even mentioned the Railway Detective THE … Continue reading “The Railway Detective Part 3: Books 9-12”

The Railway Detective, Part 2: Books 5-8

INTRODUCTION Welcome the second of three posts I shall be producing about The Railway Detective. The previous post covered four of the books and can be viewed here. As I warned in the introduction to that post, this is laden with spoilers. I hope you will all enjoy this post and be encouraged to share … Continue reading “The Railway Detective, Part 2: Books 5-8”

Inlandsbanan 8: Tis Better to Travel Hopefully Than to Arrive

The next installment in my series about Sweden, and the finale to the sub-series about the Inlandsbanan experience.

Special Post: Euston and Euston Square

INTRODUCTION Welcome to the latest installment in my series “London Station by Station“. I am treating these two together because they are so close to one another that it makes no sense to split them up. EUSTON AND EUSTON SQUARE Euston Square, served nowadays by the Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines is one of the … Continue reading “Special Post: Euston and Euston Square”

Books and Other Stuff

A brief mention of the Strictly final, and Alastair Cook’s replacement as England ODI captain followed by some stuff about books and accompanied as usual by pictures.

Special Post: King’s Cross St Pancras

INTRODUCTION Welcome to the next installment in my station by station guide to London. Following the success of my piece on Paddington I have gone for the other main line terminus among the original seven stations on the Metropolitan Railway… HISTORY King’s Cross and St Pancras are next door neighbours to one another, and therefore … Continue reading “Special Post: King’s Cross St Pancras”