Heritage Open Day 2017


This page ties together everyhting that I have done on this site relating to Heritage Open Day 2017. Each link will be accompanied by an image from that post. Here is the official map from the brochure:
HOD map


The first post in which I mentioned Heritage Open Day, by way of including pictures of the building at which I was then slated to steward (this was changed as no one was available to unlock that building), was “A Day-Night Mismatch“. From that post I include a picture of another building that is significant on Heritage Open Day – The Rathskeller.

A week later, with the brochure in my possession I put up a post solely dedicated to advertising the event “Coming Up: Heritage Open Day¬†2017” from which I include the front cover of the brochure.


I began this stage of the process by putting up a post covering the whole day and indicating which parts thereof would be given dedicated posts. This post was simply titled “Heritage Open Day 2017 – Overview“.

Next up was “27 King Street“, which covered my volunteering stint:

This was followed by “2 Hampton Court“, which documented a unique experience, only available to those who were in town for Heritage Open Day.

The penultimate of my posts about this day was “The IFCA Boat“, which served as a reminder that we have a natural as well as a historical and architectural heritage to preserve and celebrate.

Finally, came “The Ouse Amateur Sailing Club“, which featured the end of my involvement with this year’s heritage open day.



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