Continuation of holiday account

I am making rapid progress through the Powerpoint module of my online IT course, with every hope of finishing it. Saturday at Marxism is always the busiest day, and this year was no exception. After Friday mornings experience I set off at 8:20 AM, and arrived with lots of time to spare. Both of my … Continue reading “Continuation of holiday account”

England are now 2-0 to the good in the Ashes contest and given the lack of appetite for the fight thus far displayed by Australia, Sir Ian Botham’s 5-0, 5-0 forecast for these two back to back series is starting to look less outrageous than it initially did. Joe Root with 180 and two second … Continue reading “”

Databases, cricket, cabbages & kings

The great Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdos once defined a mathematician as: “someone who turns coffee into theorems.” I am inclined to think something similar could apply to data input operators. However, my new work at James & Sons continues to go extremely well – the client database I am establishing now contains 270 records, from … Continue reading “Databases, cricket, cabbages & kings”

Congratulations South Africa (but don’t count your chickens yet!)

South Africa duly completed the emphatic victory that put them 1-0 up in the three match battle of the test match titans. At one point, when Ian Bell and Matt Prior were going well it looked as though the greatest of escapes might just be on, but once Prior was out, attempting to sweep the … Continue reading “Congratulations South Africa (but don’t count your chickens yet!)”

Summer and other stuff

For the first time in a long time we are getting some genuine summer weather. I spent yesterday sitting outside, following various developments in the sporting world. Barring a ‘Van de Velde’ moment Adam Scott will be crowned Open Champion tomorrow evening as he leads by four strokes going into the final round. Brant Snedeker … Continue reading “Summer and other stuff”

About Aspiblog

INTRODUCTION This page will serve two purposes – it will tell you something about me and my blog and it will also contain some links that I choose to make permanently available. Of course, being me there will also be a picture. ABOUT ME AND THE BLOG I was born in 1975, diagnosed with Asperger’s … Continue reading “About Aspiblog”