Modern Olympia and the Hotel Europa

Modern Olympia plays up to its historic role, with motifs related to the Olympic movement set into the pavements, commemorative statues prominently on display and such like. It is also crawling with coaches because ancient Olympia is such a honeypot.

We are staying at the Hotel Europa, which is a Best Western, but feels magnificently unlike a chain hotel. It has a superb swimming pool, albeit a trifle cold as it is open air and unheated (about 5 degrees cooler than the sea off Stoupa). The necessity of warming up between swims meant that I made three separate visits to the pool.

Last night we had supper outside at the hotels Taverna. It was a most excellent meal, with lamb chops for the main course, following on from some most agreeable starters. An excellent Retsina accompanied the meal.

Breakfast this morning (eaten on a scale sufficient to see me through until supper) was up to the same stratospheric standard as supper.

Enjoy these pics…


Did I mention the number of coaches?
Did I mention the number of coaches?

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