Debenhams soak homeless man on Boxing Day – ruin his clothes, donated food

The season of goodwill? Not to the security guard in this horrible story…

Pride's Purge

Posted on Facebook yesterday evening:


What have we become in the UK – a nation of bullies?


Text version:

So to some of you you know my predicament of being homeless. But yesterday morning I woke up feeling wet socks and clothes thought I might of left a bottle open or something. I then get told by the security of Debenhams I have 10 minutes which was fine. But as he walked away he said enjoy your water bed. So I bite back as it being boxing day. So I then begin to pack up my bedding to then discover that the secunity guard from the inside of debenhams had flooded all my bedding. And ruined clothing food dog bedding public donations brought by the kind members of public. So a few of us went into speak to management didn’t do anything apparently it’s acceptable to bullying the…

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Walking in the Winter Sun

Mainly photographs – a drone that my nephew was given for Christmas and some pictures from a walk I took in the winter sun today. Read, enjoy and please share!


I am having a quiet day today, having spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the company of various family members. Earlier today there was blue sky and bright sun over King’s Lynn, so I went for a walk. 


Although most of the presents given out yesterday seemed to go down very well there was no doubt as to which was the best received – a drone that was given to my nephew. Here are some photos from yesterday…

My cousin and his Swedish girlfriend came bearing gifts – this crispbread is exceedingly good.
A piece of stained glass at my aunt’s house.
The side view of my parents new burner.
Front on picture of the same.
The remaining pictures all feature this drone…



I walked along the riverbank as far as Hardings Pits and then back into town by way of the parkland…

The Custom House
Two pictures of the bright but very low sun reflecting off the river.


West Lynn Church.
Moorhens in and around the Nar
The South Gate
The Red Mount Chapel from a distance.


The railway station.

Underwater in Antarctica

From the Australian Governments “Australian Antarctic Division” by way of whyevolutionistrue comes a truly wonderful video featuring footage from underneath the sea ice of East Antarctica…

Why Evolution Is True

The Australian Governments “Australian Antarctic Division: has produced a wonderful 8½-minute film of video taken by a submersible camera under the sea ice of East Antarctica. It’s full of colorful life down there, and I bet a lot of these species haven’t yet been described and named. The action ends at 4:58 and then there’s explanation.

How many groups can you identify? Did you see any fish?

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Special Post: An Autism Friendly Pantomime

A brief post about last nights autism friendly performance of Cinderella at the Corn Exchange, King’s Lynn.


Welcome to this post about last night’s autism friendly production of Cinderella at the Corn Exchange, King’s Lynn last night. I was there because NAS West Norfolk, of which I am branch secretary, had lavished some of its money on tickets for the evening – in total some 120 people who are either autistic themselves or were accompanying autistic family members took advantage of the opportunity. No photographs today, because the Corn Exchange forbids photography in the auditorium.


Yesterday was a working day for me, and heavy traffic on the way into King’s Lynn in the evening left me with less turnaround time than I would have liked. Nevertheless, I got to the venue, which is very close to my flat, in time to take my seat, although entering the building at 6:25 for a show starting at 6:30 is not the sort of timing I generally aim for!


An autism friendly performance means that the lights in the auditorium go down rather than right off for the show, that there are no sudden loud bangs or other noises etc. For more about autism friendly performances and how they can lead people to enjoy regular performances please visit this post.


The autism friendly aspect of the show was not the only adaptation the cast had made – they infused this fairy tale with some local colour which was extremely well received. The ugly sisters had us all laughing with their moaning about the inadequacy of King’s Lynn shops. Another good locally themed joke was in a journey scene when mention was made of “making up time once we hit the A47” – anyone who has travelled along said road, which was most of the audience, realised that this was the single most fictional line of the night!

Some of the special effects were superb, the acting was excellent, and it was an excellent evening. 

A Couple of Winter Pics

Some winter pictures – enjoy!


On Sunday Anna put up a post showing some winter pictures from Sweden. Now I am putting up a couple of winter pictures from here in Norfolk.


Here are the pictures…

A spider web highlighted by droplets of water.
Moss growing on the wall the bounds my outside area.
Detail from King’s Lynn library.
Not bad for £4 plus commission! These last two pictures are of my most recent railway themed acquisition.