The Ashes and “Danger – Tidal Land”

Congratulations to Michael Clarke for breathing life into a game that looked to be securely in its coffin courtesy of some inclement weather and a very slow pitch.

Thanks to his bold declaration, setting England 227 in 45 overs, the match was fully alive until the current bad light rule, with its blanket ban on the exercise of common sense, put paid to the match with four overs remaining.

The second part of the title refers to an area of land, well stocked with warning signs, which consists largely of reed bed and the remains of the odd boat, on which some Einstein of local/regional government has decided it would be sensible to build 300 new dwelling places!!!!

I have been out on a walk past this area today and taken a number of photographs which make the point quite nicely…


Recent developments and Bolsover Castle

Things move slowly at James and Sons – still no yea or nay on an increase in my hours there. However, on Thursday the client database will be going live, and I will get to work on the stock database. After a weather assisted draw at Old Trafford settled the destiny of the ashes, England are responding well to having being dismissed for a smallish total on their first innings.

Returning to my coverage of my holiday, Wednesday saw a visit to Bolsover Castle and supper cooked by me.

Bolsover Castle is an extraordinary place, with the framework of an older very large castle surrounding the still intact new and much smaller castle. I will let those of the 150-odd photos I took that I have chosen to upload tell the rest of the story.