England in charge in Mumbai

England have taken what appears to be a decisive advantage in the second test match in Mumbai. Following magnificent innings from Pietersen (186 off 225 balls to redeem himself in spades) and Cook (122, his fourth hundred in four matches as England captain, surely the best effort by a captain called Cook since HMS Endeavour was on the high seas), the bowlers have captured seven Indian second innings wickets with a mere 110 on the board (equivalent to 24-7 given the England the first innings lead).

Meanwhile in Adelaide, Australia seem poised for victory over South Africa. If this victory eventuates then Geoffrey Boycott will regain one of his records. None of “Sir” Geoffrey’s 22 test centuries came in a losing cause. This was the record until Graeme Smith of South Africa beat it, but his 26th century looks like being an unavailing one.

Changing the subject, I have completed the course work for the level one Desktop Publishing course that I have been doing – looking forward to moving on to the level two course.

My kitchen window is to be replaced in early to mid December. The measurements were taken on Thursday.

Just the one photo this time, from my archives…



Nails in the EDl Coffin (and other stuff)

Yes I’m back – will try to get back into the habit of posting frequently. The Asperger’s Syndrome social and support group that I am involved with may well have a new meeting place at the “Community Hub” of King’s Lynn FC – we hope to be able to meet there from January (Dec will be our Christmas meal at the Lattice House).

My involvement with Learning Works continues to go well. I have recently started a Desktop Publishing course at which, not altogether surprisingly given that the Professional Project was the best piece of work I did for my degree, I am making very rapid progress.

I spent Tuesday night listening to radio coverage of the US election. Although I am the first to recognise that there is little real difference between Democrat and Republican I was still pleased with the result.

Now for the big stuff. On October 27 we thoroughly humiliated the Eejits, Dimwits and Losers (EDL for short) when we had a four figure turnout at Walthamstow while they slunk off to Westminster where they mustered 60. If this carnival represented the closing of the EDL’s coffin lid, then yesterday in Norwich (in spite of horrible weather) represented some six inch nails being hammered in to keep that lid down, and a few tons of earth being heaped over the top of the coffin.

On our side over 500 people, all save one Unite Against Facism national speaker from Norfolk, turned out for what was part demonstration and part victory parade. All the organisations affiliated to We Are Norwich were represented, and during the speeches and music at the start of the day a message of support from local (Tory) MP Chloe Smith was read out.

Meanwhile the enemy turnout was so small that they were all clustered around a single flag (!). A sterile zone directly in front of City Hall kept us apart, while giving us a clear view of them. The tiny size and evidently non local nature of their turnout enabled us to augment our earlier chants such as “Whose Streets? Our Streets” and many popular anti-fascist slogans with various efforts to point up the difference between us. Three examples of the latter category were:

“There are many, many more of us than you..
There are many, many, many more of us than you…
many many more…many many more….many many more of us than you”

“Get back on your minibus”

And referring to the only noise they had to offer:

“We don’t need a sound system, we’ve got the people”


When the EDL were finally sent on thier way at 3PM we had a victory parade back to Chapelfield Gardens from where we dispersed in orderly fashion.

As usual, here are some photos. The second, third and fourth photos below are really a single picture, taken from the bandstand at Chapelfield, but I had to divide it into three to get everyone in the shot.