Eagle Owls and Other Stuff

This is going to be a fairly short post, as I am about to to do some more work on a Microsoft Office Specialist course that I have signed up to, before heading off to Seetec to do my mentoring work. I hope to fit in another session of work on the course this evening, while listening to live tennis from Wimbledon (well done to Laura Robson knocking out world no 10 Maria Kirilenko in straight sets yesterday). 

Yesterday an eagle owl (a species of bird that unlike the ravens, moorhens and such that I usually get pictures of is not local to these parts) was spotted in the environs of Nelson Street, and I got a couple of good pictures of it with my digital snapper (I have already emailed them to the Lynn News – maybe they will feature in Friday’s edition) which I take this opportunity of displaying:


Stupid Parking + Nature pics

The job at James & Sons continues to go extremely well, and our client database now contains ¬†some 850 records, and I am starting to get some serious detail in there. In connection with this I mention two of today’s photographs, which are of a car parked not only illegally but quite spectacularly selfishly when I arrived in Fakenham on Thursday morning. My camera was ready to hand, and I needed two pics because the first did not display the registration number. I may well forward details of this to appropriate local newspapers (The Lynn News, The EDP). Fakenham town centre is extremely compact, and since Tesco were obliged to provide free parking for up to three hours there has never been a problem with finding parking there, so I cannot see any hint of an excuse.

England have started their home season with two emphatic victories over New Zealand, a most satisfying aperitif to the main fare of the summer – the retention of the ashes.

I have a good selection of photos for you….