“hardest Hit” demonstration in Norwich


Some who wanted to be there couldn't but left messages

Several hundred people turned out at Chapelfields Gardens for the “Hardest Hit” protest march and rally against the government’s disabiligty cuts.

Someone has a good guy ready for bonfire night!

Not only was the turnout impressive for a local demonstration, with plenty of banners and placards on display, but the weather given that we are now in late October was also splendid. If I believed in such things as gods I would have taken the blue sky and bright sunshine as a sign that someone up there was supporting us.

After a slow march round the centre of Norwich with lots of noisy chants (“No ifs, no buts, no disability cuts” and “what do want? Equal rights. When do want it? Now.” were the two we used) we reconvened back at Chapelfield gardens for a rally at which there were some magnificent speakers. For more information about what is going on visit www.hardesthit.org.uk. For this post I have a variation on my “View from the rooftop” with a photo taken by holding the camera through my living room window to get a view in the other direction. The tower in the background was the centrepiece of the Franciscan Friary in days of yore, hence it’s current designation Greyfriars Tower.

The Greyfriars tower captured from 117E High Street
This homemade placard said all that needed to be said
A scene from the rally

powerpoint and other stuff

Having been temporarily laid low by a cold I spent today doing some work on powerpoint for my aunt. The weather has been helpful in my recovery as you will see below. The only blot on today was an England collapse all too reminiscent of the bad days of the 1990s. I spent most of the afternoon based in the impromptu “home office” shown below. The building in the background is The Granaries. The glass by the way was used for water and water only.

Set up for work on an English october day!


I have recently attended two meetings which for different reasons were important.

On Thursday I attended an antiwar meeting at the University of East Anglia where Judith Orr was the main speaker and the lecture theatre we had been allocated was full to overflowing. It was a very constructive and enjoyable debate.

Last night was this month’s meeting of the King’s Lynn Social and Support Group for Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome. I passed on some information about a research project taking place at Cambridge University which I have already signed up for. We also decided that the Crown & Mitre was the best option for our Christmas meeting (Thankyou for researchinng various establishments, Ros).

Here is a “View from the Rooftop”