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In my previous post here I indicated that there would be a number of new posts appearing on my London Transport themed website. I now provide links to them.


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Manor House (From

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I am giving you a link to my latest post on, and two extracts. Please note that the original contains lots of pictures.


While on twitter I spotted a tweet about a development called Woodberry Wetlands and being impressed by what I saw decided to do some digging. I soon established that the site is practically next door to Manor House station, and it did not take much longer, having located anofficial website to decide that this was something entirely worthy of my support – cherishing nature while being deep within the capital city. For those who (like me) do twitter, they have a presence there too…

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My second extract is….



There is historical precedence for name changes on the Piccadiilly line – the name of Gillespie Road station was changed to Arsenal at the request of the club’s then general manager Herbert Chapman. I respectfully suggest that this project outweighs a mere football club in importance and that TFL would be well advised to at least consider changing the name of Manor House station to Woodberry Wetlands (effective from May 1st)….

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A 125th Anniversary Special

Flagging up my website ( post about the Northern line, released on the 125th anniversary of that line opening


This is both another shout out about my website, and a flag up of what is probably my longest ever post.


On December 18th, 1890, the City & South London Railway opened, covering a modest six stops, from Stockwell to King William Street. This little line marked the breaking of a new frontier in public transport – making use of the blue clay on which London is built it was in deep level tube tunnels, a technique made possible by the development of electric locomotion as an alternative to steam. This City & South London is now part of the line that in my website post I dubbed London Underground’s Worst Bodge Job – The Northern line.


I hope that you will share this, and also read my website post and spread the word both about the post itself and the website.


An Updated Version of “South Kensington”

A flag-up of the latest addition to my website,


Keen followers of this blog may remember a piece I did a while back under the title “Special Post – South Kensington”. You should also know that since I produced that post which was the first piece of London Underground themed writing that I shared publicly I have created a London transport themed website,


I have just put up a post on that site covering South Kensington, as I thought that there should be a post on the site that mentions where it all started. I urge you all to read and share the new version of the South Kensington post.


Calling All Sherlockians…

A flag-up of the latest piece on my London Transport themed website.

The latest post on my London Transport themed website looks at the paucity of mentions of London Underground in the official canon of stories about the world’s most famous consulting detective (from whose rooms Baker Street station is visible vide The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet).


Only one of the original canon of Sherlock Holmes stories features any action on what is now London Underground, the Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans, which features tracks on today’s Metropolitan, District, Circle and Hammersmith & City lines. In The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet mention is made of the fact that Baker Street station is visible from 221B. The rest of this post is going to examine that lacuna from the London Underground viewpoint.

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Website Sorted


As well as the title piece, I have some good pictures from in and around King’s Lynn to share. These date from Monday, when I attended an NAS West Norfolk coffee morning.


I have modified the home page on so that the original stuff that came with the Hathor Theme that I selected is no longer on show, replaced with my own stuff.


With a bit of moisture to highlight the silk, Monday was an excellent today for photographing spiders webs – and King’s Lynn  rivals Mirkwood for quantity of spider webs if not for size or scariness of occupants thereof…

This was the first of many - and only just outside my door.
This was the first of many – and only just outside my door.
Partway down the first of two flights of stairs between my flat and the street.
Partway down the first of two flights of stairs between my flat and the street.
The remaining webs were all alongside Bawsey drain.
The remaining webs were all alongside Bawsey drain.

DSCN6885 DSCN6886 DSCN6887 DSCN6888 DSCN6889 DSCN6890 DSCN6891

Neither were the birds at all put off by the weather…

DSCN6892 DSCN6893 DSCN6894 DSCN6916 DSCN6918 River Birds

An Announcement

An announcement of a new website I shall be running, with a picture of my envisaged home page.


A knackered power lead/ charger cable put my computer out of action on Wednesday, and because Thursday was a working day it was only today that I was able to locate a replacement. All is now well again, so I take this opportunity to make


The series of posts I have been running on this blog under the general heading “London Station by Station” is going become a website – I have the domain name (, but please DO NOT visit it yet – it is still under construction. As a little sampler I offer you this screenshot of my envisaged home page, together with a link to the document itself…

The white blank space I have shown at the bottom will be populated with those links I deem important enough to feature on the home page.
The white blank space I have shown at the bottom will be populated with those links I deem important enough to feature on the home page.