A Grockle’s Eye View of Cornwall 8: Ascending St Michael’s Mount

Continuing my account of my visit to Cornwall, with the ascent of St Michael’s Mount.


Welcome to the latest post in my series about my stay in Cornwall. This post takes us up St Michael’s Mount and covers some of the stuff at the top. There will be at least two and possibly three more posts about the day.


Among the places at ground level, before the ascent begins are the restaurant where we would be having lunch and a visitor’s centre which provides a comprehensive introduction. After these one passes through a field that contains a dairy cottage before the ascent begins.

Ships in the distanceSea ViewFind Your WayMapLooking back at the mainlandMuralIllyriaFootprintsMural PlaqueModel of the mountPlan the dayWelcome to St Michael's MountPicture of the mountTL1

No sops for creationists here! The straight truth about the formation of the granite of which the mount consists – it was formed longer before the dinosaurs roamed the earth than we are after the last dinosaurs disappeared.

TL3The castleThe GardensTL4Boat 1Boat 2Boat info boardThe DrakeAmphibious vehiclesDUKWBoat on the islandThe St MichaelOur venue for lunchMarazion from the IslandThe abbey from belowCreelsOutdoor artworkHutConservation notice


The climb up to the buildings on top of the mount begins by way of The Pilgrims Steps, continues past the Giant’s Well and the Giant’s Heart and a cannon emplacement. Then comes the first indoor section and a roof terrace where we pause until the next post in this series…

The pilgrims stepsView across the sea

Giants Well
The Giant’s Well – from an old folk tale

Giants Well sign

The vicinity of the Giants Heart
And about 50 yards further along The Giant’s Heart.

The giants heart sign

The Giants Heart
The actual heart!

FrontageArcher's alcoveSea view from aboveSea view from above IISea view from above IIICannonsCannonMarking on cannonView from the cannon emplacementSea View from above IVThe main buildingDistant view of PenzanceYachts and a headlandPenzance from St Michael's Mounttwo yachtsThree yachts

Wall mounted militaria I
The first weapons display – in the next post you will see another one.

Swordsthree swordsGunsGunCrossbowJewellery displayCannon and ammogiant crestCrossed swords ICrossed swords IIDrummers kitPortrait 1Portrait 2Trio IMantelpiece and trioClockCentral UnitGrandfather clockCentral Unit IIBoyPortrait IVCorner unitChest IChest IITrio IILadyArtists representation of the mountMiniaturesquartetLady IIQuartet IIMiniatures IIMiniatures close-upFancy CabinetLiving spaceLibrary and game zoneChess boardChess board IIHeraldry display wallRoof patterning and friezechapelShieldsshields and ornamentsLong tablefrieze workstained glass Istained glass IIstained glass IIIsingle panelShields anf friezeshields and friezeRoof beamsAlcovewooden bas-reliefShieldSilverwareSilverware IISilverware IIIStained glass VStained glass VIShip panelstained glass womanTriple panelstained glass heraldic lionStained glass jester panelCircular stained glass panelsSilverware IVdecorated chestQuintetOval picturePicture of a Cornish gentFireplaceTrio IVbay window

Garden from above I
Us hoi polloi can only view these gardens from above – we never actually get into them.

A study in blueGarden from above IIGarden from above IIIGarden from above IV

A very elaborate sundial.

Detail from sundial

Roof terrace
This where our next post will start from.

Walking in the Winter Sun

Mainly photographs – a drone that my nephew was given for Christmas and some pictures from a walk I took in the winter sun today. Read, enjoy and please share!


I am having a quiet day today, having spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the company of various family members. Earlier today there was blue sky and bright sun over King’s Lynn, so I went for a walk. 


Although most of the presents given out yesterday seemed to go down very well there was no doubt as to which was the best received – a drone that was given to my nephew. Here are some photos from yesterday…

My cousin and his Swedish girlfriend came bearing gifts – this crispbread is exceedingly good.
A piece of stained glass at my aunt’s house.
The side view of my parents new burner.
Front on picture of the same.
The remaining pictures all feature this drone…



I walked along the riverbank as far as Hardings Pits and then back into town by way of the parkland…

The Custom House
Two pictures of the bright but very low sun reflecting off the river.


West Lynn Church.
Moorhens in and around the Nar
The South Gate
The Red Mount Chapel from a distance.


The railway station.

Heritage Open Day 9: The Red Mount Chapel

From the South Gate (see previous post) I headed into the parkland area by the route that got me more park and less road than any other and made way way to the Chapel of Our Lady of The Mount, also known as the Red Mount Chapel. Unlike the South Gate I had been in this building before, but it was still breathtaking. One starts at the bottom and works ones way up (a minor casualty of the popularity of the day – less freedom to do things in ones own way). To show what the windows might have looked liked before the stained glass was broken, one window has been remade in stained glass and looks remarkably good.

King’s Lynn is home to many religious buildings and was once home to more (indeed the town was called Bishop’s Lynn until Henry VIII “suggested” that a name change was in order), but even in the context of a town that is overstocked with this type of building this place is special. If you ever get the opportunity to see the inside take it.

My next post will feature 11 King Street, and in the meantime enjoy these…

The chapel from the outside

The park as viewed from the chapel
The park as viewed from the chapel

?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? Stonework ?????????? ??????????

Who says graffiti is anything new?!
Who says graffiti is anything new?!

Butterflies in the window Window Altar ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????????

A side room on a mezzanine level
A side room on a mezzanine level

?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? Window The entrance - at the bottom of the building story board