Walking in the Winter Sun

Mainly photographs – a drone that my nephew was given for Christmas and some pictures from a walk I took in the winter sun today. Read, enjoy and please share!


I am having a quiet day today, having spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the company of various family members. Earlier today there was blue sky and bright sun over King’s Lynn, so I went for a walk. 


Although most of the presents given out yesterday seemed to go down very well there was no doubt as to which was the best received – a drone that was given to my nephew. Here are some photos from yesterday…

My cousin and his Swedish girlfriend came bearing gifts – this crispbread is exceedingly good.
A piece of stained glass at my aunt’s house.
The side view of my parents new burner.
Front on picture of the same.
The remaining pictures all feature this drone…



I walked along the riverbank as far as Hardings Pits and then back into town by way of the parkland…

The Custom House
Two pictures of the bright but very low sun reflecting off the river.


West Lynn Church.
Moorhens in and around the Nar
The South Gate
The Red Mount Chapel from a distance.


The railway station.

Heritage Open Day 5: A Retrospective

The final post in my series on Heritage Open Day.


Welcome to the fifth and final post in my series on Heritage Open Day, which was a week ago yesterday. The previous four posts give a personal perspective on  the places that I and my two companions for the day visited. This one is there to tie things together and sum up the whole experience.


This day provided further proof of how good King’s Lynn is at putting on  a public show. Whether it is water-skiing on the Great Ouse, the Lynn Festival, The Hanseatic Festival or the “Fawkes in the Walks” public firework display (which attracted 15,000 last year)  the event seems to work splendidly.

DSCN5386 DSCN5387 DSCN5755 DSCN5756 DSCN5757


By the end of the day I was thoroughly exhausted, but I had greatly enjoyed myself. My cousin Edward and his partner Rachael were excellent company, the weather stayed decent throughout, and it was a joy to see so many people enjoying what King’s Lynn had to offer.

DSCN5751 DSCN5752 DSCN5753 DSCN5754 DSCN5758 DSCN5759 DSCN5760 DSCN5761 DSCN5762 DSCN5763 DSCN5764 DSCN5765

This is the regular tourist map of Lynn, which can be picked up at the bus station among other places.
This is the regular tourist map of Lynn, which can be picked up at the bus station among other places.
This is what casual visitors can find out about Hampton Court any day of the year.
This is what casual visitors can find out about Hampton Court any day of the year.


If you are anywhere close to King’s Lynn for Heritage Open Day 2016 don’t miss it – it is a wonderful thing to be part of!

Heritage Open Day 4: The Remainder of the Day

The fourth in my series of posts about Heritage Open Day, featuring the Red Mount Chapel, The Guildhall, “Cormorant Platform”, the South Gate and the Bandstand.


This is the fourth post in my Heritage Open Day series (there will be one more small post to finish the series) and features several classic sites, starting with…


I have shown pictures of the outside of this building in many previous posts, so therefore I am concentrating my attentions on the inside, which a little like that of the South Gate contains more than you would believe from looking at the outside. The only windows most of the building possesses are tiny slits, while the uppermost level has fleur-de-lys windows which are not visible from the ground. At various stages of this buildings history its true purpose had to be concealed, because it was not safe to be known to be a centre of Catholic worship (n.b. the danger was never from unbelievers such as me, who also could not declare themselves at the time I am writing about – it was from those whose interpretation of Christianity differed from that of the Catholics). Now for some pictures…

DSCN5578 DSCN5579

A prettied up fleur-de-lus window
A prettied up fleur-de-lus window
An original fleur-de-lys window
An original fleur-de-lys window

DSCN5582 DSCN5583 DSCN5584 DSCN5585 DSCN5586 DSCN5587 DSCN5588

After this we spent a bit of time outside waiting for signs of the spitfire fly past but none materialised, and we had to buy bread as a contribution to lunch, which thanks to my aunt was a feast. After lunch we started by paying a visit to the…


This is the second most iconic building in Lynn (behind the Custom House), due to its possessing this frontage…

This pic was taken yesterday - i got none of the outside on the day itself.
This pic was taken yesterday – i got none of the outside on the day itself.

Heritage Open Day however represented an opportunity to check out the inside of the building, including a ceiling that definitely dates from at the latest the early 1420s…

Decorative stonework in the Guildhall.
Decorative stonework in the Guildhall.


The 1420s ceiling (maybe even older)
The 1420s ceiling (maybe even older)

DSCN5594 DSCN5595 DSCN5596

The plan was to visit the South Gate, and then go back to the park to catch some of the live music at the bandstand. A special tour bus (think routemasters of yesteryear!) caught our eyes but it was full, and it definitely was not worth waiting 20 minutes for the next. The walk to the South Gate needed little tweaking to take in one of my favourite minor attractions, which I have dubbed…


Thankfully, the cormorants did me proud, and I was not required to provide any explanation as to my name for the structure…

DSCN5597 DSCN5598 DSCN5599

There were no further diversions before arriving at the…


No external picture of this – I have shown many in the past, and on this day it was all about the inside of such buildings. Suffice to say that my companions for the day, my cousin Edward and his partner Rachael endorsed my earlier description of this building as a ‘medieval TARDIS’ – there is much more inside than you would believe possible from the outside…

DSCN5600 DSCN5601 DSCN5602 DSCN5603 DSCN5604 DSCN5605 DSCN5606 DSCN5607 DSCN5608 DSCN5609 DSCN5610 DSCN5611 DSCN5612 DSCN5613 DSCN5614 DSCN5615 DSCN5616 DSCN5752

Following a short cut well-known to me to not to that many others (at least when it comes it King’s Lynn I can say echoing Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings that “My cuts, short or long, don’t go wrong”) we arrived in the parkland area via the Seven Sisters gate, walking past the Walks Stadium (home of the mighty Linnets, a.k.a King’s Lynn Town FC – just another five promotions would see them in the premier league!) and the Guanock Gate to arrive at our last attraction of the day…


The Bandstand dates from 1904 and regularly hosts live music. For Heritage Open Day we had a brass band who produced some excellent music for us…

DSCN5617 DSCN5618 DSCN5619 DSCN5620

A King’s Lynn Walk

An account of a walk in an around King’s Lynn.

This walk started and finished at my compact town centre flat, and with frequent photography stops occupied two and a quarter hours.

I was on my way down the stairs that take me to street level when I took my first pic of the day, the top of the Clifton House Tower…


From there I crossed the Baker Lane Car Park, took the bridge over the upper Purfleet and headed for the lower Purfleet and the Custom House…


Just in shot above you can see part of the statue of Captain Vancouver…


Where the lower Purfleet joins the Great Ouse is a glass sculpture…


The next point of interest is the new jetty on the Great Ouse, not in use at the moment in deep midwinter…


Hot on the heels of this comes Marriott’s Warehouse, which required two shots to do it justice…

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Next up was the carcass of the old Somerfeld and Thomas building…


After crossing the lower Millfleet on the bridge that has a high water mark from December 2013 the next site was the remains of Boal Quay…


A few minutes later came the meeting of the Nar and Ouse, and the structure I have dubbed ‘Cormorant Platform’. Sadly none of the birds in question were there today, but still the picture is a fine one…


My next port of call was Hardings Pits…

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Crossing the Nar as I headed towards the next stage of the walk I got this picture…


Next, as I headed towards the parkland areas came one of King’s Lynn’s most distinctive landmarks, the South Gate…


From here I walked along London Road as far as the light controlled crossing, crossed and headed through Terrace Court and an alleyway to the Seven Sisters entrance to the parkland area…


As I headed towards Guanock Gate and the Vancouver Garden I got a sight of The Walks, home to King’s Lynn Town FC (only two more promotions needed to gain league status)…


The Guanock Gate came next, closely followed by a shot of the Red Mount Chapel looking along the upper Millfleet…

???????????????????????? ????????????????????????

Next came the Vancouver Garden, which I entered via one bridge and left via the other (these are the only two means of getting in or out unless you fancy a dip in open water – definitely not recommended in an English January! This area is always worth a good few photographs, and so it proved once again…

???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????

A few minutes after this I arrived at Tennyson Road, and two more interesting things, the educational fence, a sample fo which I photographed and the King’s Lynn signal box…

???????????????????????? ????????????????????????

From there until Lynn Sport, a few minutes later, there is nothing of great significance, though for the first part of that distance the path runs between two academies for those interested in such things. Lynn Sport has some interesting stuff outside it, notable the brickwork bus and the ornate mile post. It also boasts an elaborate weathercock…

???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????

Shortly after this comes the first glimpse of Bawsey Drain, which I was going to follow all the way back to town, but I started with a shot looking the other way…


The walk along Bawsey Drain did yield a few interesting (for me at least) shots, reproduced below, the large number of flying birds as approached the town end of it being particularly impressive…

???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????

Getting a good shot of St Nicholas Chapel is a challenge because you need to be far enough away to get it all in. Also, it is undergoing repairs/ renovations at the moment. I was pleased with this one…


From St Nic’s it was on to the Tuesday Market Place, where as well as getting a full shot of the Corn Market I also noticed a glass sculpture on the same lines as the one where the lower Purfleet meets the Great Ouse…

???????????????????????? ????????????????????????

Finally, I delayed my return home just sufficiently to get some shots of the Guildhall (8 in total) and King’s Lynn Minster…

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I enjoyed doing this walk, and enhancing my photo collection.