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This page will serve two purposes – it will tell you something about me and my blog and it will also contain some links that I choose to make permanently available. Of course, being me there will also be a picture.


I was born in 1975, diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form a Autism, in 2006. Subsequent to that diagnosis I became involved with Asperger East Anglia, which led to the establishment of a support group in King’s Lynn for adults with Asperger’s Syndrome. Subsequently I was appointed Group Leader, which was when i decided to launch the blog. In 2012 funding cuts meant that AEA could no longer financially support us, but we continued as an independent unfunded group. Unfortunately, since January 2014 we have been without a proper meeting room, and attendances have declined to the point at which I have been obliged to suspend group meetings.

I have subsequently become involved with the National Autistic Society West Norfolk branch and am currently branch secretary thereof. We are looking to establish some activities aimed at autistic adults in the near future.

I am an avid photographer, to the extent that you will rarely if ever see a pure text post from me. I blog about whatever takes my fancy.

IMG_2215 (4)
A swan reflected in the water…


I will be adding to this section of the page as time goes on and ideas occur to me, but for the moment here are a few to start with:

My twitter account: @aspitweets

The National Autistc Society Website – exactly what it says

The West Norfolk branch of NAS

Spergy – a newly launched online resource for autistic people – please visit and register

Interacting with Autism – looks like being a magnificent resource.

Autism Mom – one of this blog’s strongest supporters – her posts are always worth reading.

Vox Political – A blog run by Mike Sivier which I refer to very frequently.

East End Womens Museum – website for a project to create a museum that really is dedicated to women’s history – a project that I wholeheartedly endorse.

http://faradayscandle.com/ – the new self-hosting platform for two girls who love exploring the wonders of science.

londontu.be – my new website, giving detailed information about public transport in the capital.

My new page from which all eight of the posts I created about the Inlandsbanan experience can be accessed.

Themed aspiblog posts:

  • Sweden – a recent holiday
  • Greece – a two week holiday in October 2014.
  • Marxism 2015 – experiences at the five-day political festival in central London organised by the Socialist Workers Party.
  • London Station by Station – an ongoing series that does precisely what the title suggests it should. This series is no longer running, because all my London Underground themed stuff will in future be happening on my new website, http://www.londontu.be.

18 thoughts on “About Aspiblog”

  1. Hi! Just letting you know that we moved the blog to a self hosting domain http:FaradaysCandle.com
    If you could please subscribe so that we could stay connected. Thank you so much for your support because it means a lot to the girls!

  2. thanks for your kind comments about my blog. There are over 300 posts on it now, on various different topics and over nearly three years. So please dip in, you never know what you might find! Best wishes, Miles

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