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The reason why so much time has elapsed since my last post is that I have had a hectic week. My Nephew was staying with parents from Friday afternoon until Wednesday morning and I wanted to miss as little of that period as feasible, so I was away from the computer for almost all of that period, and after a day at Learning Works the last thing I was going to do was anything on a computer so no blog yesterday either.

I had a public meeting to attend in Norwich on Thursday night, which meant an overnight stay there, and I also needed to harvest broad beans from my aunt’s allotment in King’s Lynn on the Friday and to be in East Rudham by midday (or so I had been advised). Normally when journeying between Lynn and Norwich I use the X8/X29 servcie run by Norfolk Green because it is cheaper than the X1 and Castle Meadow is nore conveniently located for my purposes than the main bus station, but the above constraints meant that on Friday morning I had to use the X1. The only bus that would serve my purposes was departiing at 6:30AM.

Thus I arrived back in Lynn at 8:15, headed to the flat, unpacked and then repacked, before dashing for the allotment with a couple of plastic bags. A whirlwind 15 minutes of picking (all I could spare) and both bags were full. I then returned to the flat, picked up by bags for East Rudham and headed for the bus station in time for the last bus that would have me in Rudham by 12. After all this on my part, Simon and Zac were then so late that the lunch at Thams (A pub cum Thai restaurant in West Rudham) had to be shelved, although mummy got back from Repton in time to join us for the actual lunch.

On Saturday, mummy, Zac and I had an enjoyable morning shopping in Fakenham and then made pizzas for lunch (at Zs request). mummy, Z and daddy went to watch a showing of the rereleased Jaws at the Fakenham Fleapit (official name Hollywood Cinemas) in the evening, while I attended to the supper, my signature Chicken and Coriander dish (see my first ever post for the recipe), and though I say it myself, even by my standards it was excellent.

On Sunday Z, daddy and I went to Extreeme (their spelling gimmick), an adventure playground utilising some exceptionally tall trees. The wall-less hut (see picture) that serves as their visitors centre had a log fire burning, and at times daddy and I were very grateful for this (it was not the most summery of days). The various ways of progressing through the trees above ground-level certainly lived up to the establishment’s name (there will be pictures either in this post or later). I think this could be improved by the addition of an orthodox treetop walk such as there is at Denmark, Western Australia for those of us who are not averse to viewing trees from amongst the canopy but not care for having the crap scared out of us.

On Monday I had to attend a supervised jobsearch session at Seetec, starting at 9:00, which meant getting the 7:57 bus in to Lynn. We had been planning to visit the allotment but it rained so hard that this was abandoned. On Tuesday I finally I got to start the Sage 50 course (another trip into and out of Lynn, starting with the early bus).

On Wednesday, having said goodbye to Zac the previous night, mummy and I set off early, and she dropped me off in Lynn, where I had time to change in to office clothes and get down to Learning Works for my day as a volunteer (which went well as always).


A couple more pictures in this post – Zac and companions on a forest swing and the view from the rooftops, which for reasons the picture makes apparent I declined to go outside to take! I will include more shots from extreeme in future posts.ImageImageImage

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I am branch secretary of NAS West Norfolk and #actuallyautistic (diagnosed 10 years ago at the comparatively advanced age of 31). I am a keen photographer, so that most of my own posts contain photos. I am a keen cricket fan and often write about that subject. I also focus a lot on politics and on nature.

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