We Are Norwich and Otther Stuff

It has been rather long since I last posted, but I hope this will compensate for the wait.

To clear the decks for the We Are Norwich stuff, I will deal with the other stuff first:

  • Asperger East Anglia AGM happened on Monday night – lots of interesting news, and for the first time in living memory I won a raffle prize, although it was the last to go and of exactly the quality you would expect something in that position to be
  • On Tuesday I had an interview for an Administrative job at Manor Park Holiday Village in Hunstanton (I only got the call asking to me to come on Sunday afternoon)
  • Learning Works continues to go well. On Monday I will be starting a Deskop Publishing course

We Are Norwich came into existence because a crazy church responded to being barred from distributing Islamaphobic filth by inviting the Eejits, Dimwits and Losers (EDL for short – I reckon my version of the full name is more accurate than theirs!) to Norwich. We Are Norwich is the group that is ensuring that when this happens (November 10) there will be a large reception committee to tell these thugs that they are not welcome here.

This Wednesday evening there was a public meeting in the main hall at the Vauxhall Community Centre in Johnson Place (I travelled direct from Learning Works to Norwich to be there on time) at which over 100 people in total were present. A coachload of us will be going to Walthamstow this Saturday to help make it clear to the EDL that they are not welcome anywhere, and I fully expect a four figure turnout on November 10 at Chapelfield Gardens.

Here are some photos:



Author: Thomas

I am branch secretary of NAS West Norfolk and #actuallyautistic (diagnosed 10 years ago at the comparatively advanced age of 31). I am a keen photographer, so that most of my own posts contain photos. I am a keen cricket fan and often write about that subject. I also focus a lot on politics and on nature.

One thought on “We Are Norwich and Otther Stuff”

  1. Aha! So that’s why I couldn’t get you on the phone to fix to meet at the market yesterday. Well done on getting another interview – and a raffle prize. Most of those I win get recycled, unless they’re drinkable or edible…

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