Scotland – Kyle of Lochalsh

Continuing with the Scottish holiday, covering Saturday up to meeting up with my parents.


Welcome to the third post in my series about my holiday in Scotland. Having set the scene for the series in one post and described the journey up in another this post deals with the first Saturday.


Having checked out of Saucy Mary’s I headed towards the mainland. I started taking pictures almost as soon as I was on my way – at this stage of the day it was warm and sunny, to the extent that I was wearing shorts and to put it mildly I had time to spare.

Skye Bridge2
The bridge from just outside Saucy Mary’s

Skye Bridge

Castle Moil
In the opposite direction to the bridge lies Castle Moil

Bus on Skye Bridge

Skye Bridge both bits
The full link from Skye to the mainland.

Skye Bridge minor

Under Bridge View
looking under the bridge from Kyleakin.


Naturally I made full use of the walk across the bridge…

Loch Alsh from the bridge2Loch Alsh from the bridgeView from the Skye bridge3View from the Skye Bridge 2Kyle and the minor bridgeKyle of Lochalsh from the bridgeView from the Skye BridgeClear loch waterLoch Alsh waterThe pellucid waters of Loch Alsh

Here is the island between the two bridge spans…


Tarka's Isle
The author of Tarka the Otter lived here, and apparently one can still sometimes see otters hereabouts (although I did not).


Just on the mainland side of the bridge is a detailed information board:

Information Board

It was also in this area that I got this picture…

Pool and Loch Alsh

Here is a direct shot Saucy Mary’s where I spent the Friday night…

Saucy Mary's

I found a seat near the bus station and spent a while resting, taking a few photographs…

Welcome to Kyle
This picture and the next were taken before I had sat down.


In this part of Scotland the battle was between the SNP and the Liberal Democrats.
I noticed something on this island which prompted me to zoom in even closer…
…and I was rewarded with this.

After a while I moved on, and after a brief examination of what the town had to offer visited Hector’s Bothy for a drink and a nibble. I also made use of the free wifi. I then did some more exploring and took some more photographs…

326Double Framed Lighthouse4 birdsBridge and BusesBridge and Boats

I visited a bakery/ coffee shop and the £5 note I got in my change immediately caught my eye…

£5 obverse
This is a Scottish £5 note, which I had not seen before.

Scottish £5 reverse

I next headed for the train station…

ScotrailEdinburgh and GlasgowScotrail Map

Local MapKyle Station 2Kyle Station 1

Finally, my parents arrived in Kyle of Lochalsh at about 6PM and we headed for Ferry Cottage. 




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I am branch secretary of NAS West Norfolk and #actuallyautistic (diagnosed 10 years ago at the comparatively advanced age of 31). I am a keen photographer, so that most of my own posts contain photos. I am a keen cricket fan and often write about that subject. I also focus a lot on politics and on nature.

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