Cricket World Cup, Six Nations Rugby and Other Stuff

Some excellent links at the top os the post. Then some comment on the cricket world cup, then some cool pics, then the Six Nations and finally some more pics.

As with my last post I am going to start with a links section before moving to the main meat of the post…

LINKS An inspiring account of a meeting between parents of autistic kids and education authorities. A post about aspies and difficulties with handwriting. A sensible article about the veil. An outrageous story of a headteacher who banned children from watching the eclipse for “cultural and religious reasons” Ivor Johnstone, the headteacher concerned failed miserably to justify this decision. He compounded the failure by saying that cloudy weather probably meangt they had not missed anything anywway – wrong, as the desktop background on my work computer testifies. A rattling good article about Nicky Morgan Anna Soubry gets the Mike Sivier treatment. More trouble for McVile. This is the post that signposted the survey below. No surprise where I came out! – Bad news for the downright dishonourable Mr Shapps/ Green/ Fox is good news for us ordinary folk! – Is Rachel Reeves the Kim Philby of this election campaign? Stories such a this suggest that it is a possibility. – More bad news for the Tory chairman!


The last of the quarter-finals of the cricket world cup ended earlier today UK time. New Zealand obliterated the West Indies in a match dominated by Martin Guptill’s amazing 237 not out (the last 137 off 51 balls if I remember rightly). The semi-final line up is thus India v Australia (head and heart both say India to win that one) and New Zealand vs South Africa, neither of whom have ever got further than the semis (impossible to predict, heart says NZ). South Africa’s potential bete noire is their lack of an all-rounder, which means either playing only four front-line bowlers as they have so far, or dropping a batsman to make way for a fifth bowler. For more details about the Guptill knock, and the records he rewrote in the process check out Before moving on to the rugby section, some pics…

This is the edited but not cropped version that now serves as the desktop background on my work computer!
This is the edited but not cropped version that now serves as the desktop background on my work computer!
The Fakenham cinema viewed from top deck of an X8
The Fakenham cinema viewed from top deck of an X8

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Choppy water on the Great Ouse today.
Choppy water on the Great Ouse today.


Today has been an amazing day in the Six Nations. First of all Wales thrashed Italy to become favourites for the trophy. Then Ireland won by a sufficient margin at Murrayfield to move into pole position to retain their title. England who had the toughest assignment of the three contenders need to beat France by 26 or more to take the title on points difference. At the moment it is not looking good for England. France have just scored and converted a try to move within five points of England – looking more and more like the trophy is staying in the emerald isle. England nine points to the good (34-25) – another 17 needed to take the trophy. Another try for England – moves them within 12 with possibly two more to come. Conversion successful – England need 10 unanswered points for the trophy. James Haskell in the sin bin – not looking good for England. France have just scored the try that surely ends England’s hopes of the trophy – England 41 France 30 with a French conversion to come. Conversion missed – England need 15 unanswered points. Another try – England 46 France 30. A successful conversion for England and it is 48-30 – eight more points for England and they win. France have just scored again – England now need 13 points – conversion to come. The equation is now that England need to find 13 more points and they have 13 minutes in which to do it. Jack Nowell has scored another try – reducing the ask to eight points. Conversion by George Ford – England 55 France 35 – a converted try will win them the Six Nations. The whistle has gone and an amazing final day at the Six Nations is over – Ireland retain the title and England are runners-up for the fourth time in succession. Wales in spite of scoring 61 points in Rome earlier today finish third. I will now finish this post with a few more pics…

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I am branch secretary of NAS West Norfolk and #actuallyautistic (diagnosed 10 years ago at the comparatively advanced age of 31). I am a keen photographer, so that most of my own posts contain photos. I am a keen cricket fan and often write about that subject. I also focus a lot on politics and on nature.

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