Uppsala University Museum

Continuing my account of my holiday in Sweden with a virtual tour of the Uppsala University Museum.


Welcome to the next installment of posts about my recent holiday in Sweden. This post picks up where my previous one left off, heading into this building:

The outside of the University Museum


The Uppsala University Museum (students get in free), also known as the Gustavianum is housed in the oldest university building in Sweden. If you approach the museum as I did and start at the bottom and work your way up, the first exhibits you encounter are from the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans:

This object sits in the entrance hall.


It is a very minor quibble, but the red background is too strong a colour and therefore detracts somewhat from the coins themselves. Having produced images of a very large number of coins I have arrived at the conclusion that a white background, so that all the eye sees in the picture is the coin or set of coins is best.


The next two floors are taken up with items of various kinds from the more recent past…


The world’s first commercially successful portable computer – our ideas of portability have changed somewhat since then, as has the storage capacity of such machines!


This picture and the next combined to form


This picture


After these treasures it was time to see the inside of the dome – a perfectly preserved anatomy theatre…

Students would have stood in rows around the room, while the corpse that was being anatomised would be spread out on the table.


The last exhibits that I saw were those relating to the Vikings…



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