The First Ducklings of 2018

Pictures of ducklings exploring the Gaywood River.


I saw two broods of ducklings while on my way to a Musical Keys session on Saturday. 


I was delighted to see the ducklings, particularly in that location, on the Gaywood River, where they are far enough from the Great Ouse that they should not fall victim to large and aggressive gulls (yes, gulls do target ducklings).

Duck family outingDucklingspale ducklingducklingduck and ducklingFemale mallard with ducklingssix ducklings

Author: Thomas

I am a founder member and currently secretary of the West Norfolk Autism Group and am autistic myself. I am a very keen photographer and almost every blog post I produce will feature some of my own photographs. I am an avidly keen cricket fan and often post about that sport.

8 thoughts on “The First Ducklings of 2018”

  1. I can’t help but feel that seeing this might be a bad omen for my prospects with the bat this season!

    I also can’t help but notice that you’ve got 555 followers, which at the risk of sounding a bit weird, is a very cool number!

    1. Don’t worry about your batting prospects yet. 555 – the partnership between Holmes and Sutcliffe (no relation) against Essex at Leyton in 1932, beating by a single the record set by an earlier pair of Yorkshire openers, Brown and Tunnicliffe (who also took just over 1.6 catches per match in the field – 664 in 408 first class appearances); also of course for the superstitiously inclined it is quintuple “Nelson”.

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