Greece 2018: Friday 1: Dimitsana

An account of the opn-air museum of water power in Dimitsana (apart from the tannery, which I am giving a post to itself).


Welcome to my latest post about my holiday in Greece (12th – 19th May). We are now dealing with the Friday, the centrepiece of which was to be a visit to the Open-air Water Power Museum at Dimitsana and a meal at a restaurant that serves meat from wild animals shot by the proprietor. This post deals with the Dimitsana section of the day apart from the tannery which I shall give a post to itself.


For Thursday night’s supper we had eaten pork chops, and my mother had failed to finish hers. This it turned out was the first warning of a stomach problem that would lead to a serious alteration of our plans for the day. Although she felt well enough to make the journey by about 10 o’clock, the restaurant meal was out of the question. 


The journey from Tseria to Dimitsana is somewhat over two hours in duration. It involves quite a lot of scenic stuff but also one truly abominable eyesore, modern Megalopolis (to give you an idea of the sheer visual awfulness of the place its most prominent features are a pair of giant cooling towers). Little remains of the original city – some pillars from the theatre is about all one can actually see. 

New bridgeremains of ancient Megalopolis

Monastaries overlooking the Lousios Gorge
This monastery is actually modern and Russian funded, but there are also some much older monasteries in the area.


Dimitsana is a mountainside town, which means that going round the open-air museum involves going downhill and then back up at the end. The water was running more vigorously than it had been on my previous visit – perhaps because it was earlier in the year.

Water power museum mapEnergy and Water PowerWater poweredinstallations in the Dimitsana areaMill wheelFulling tub info boardFulling tubConstructing and working the fulling tubFulling tub IIFood and weaving766767raging waterCosntructing the millFluting the millstonesThe Water MillToolsMill MachineryRaging water IIFireplace776videoPostal HistoryTemple and mountainsMegalopolis TheatreArcadiawhite waterMillraceRiverbridgewhite water IIWhite water IIIpeepholewater power in actionWhite water IVWhite water VRaki still info boardRaki Stillstone with holes inRaki still IIdual watercoursedual watercourse IIView from the bridgeWaterfallsMillstones

Gunpowder press
Most of the gunpowder the the Greeks used in their war of independence in the early 19th century was manufactured in Dimitsana.

Gunpowder Mill IGunpowder productionEastern medThe Siege of the AcropolisGunpowder machinegunpowderMachinery picturegunpowder sifting equipmentGunpowder mill and saltpetre info boardsMachinery pic II

The path beyond the museum
I do not know where this path ultimately leads, but there is a sign warning that you follow it at your own risk.

Looking up from the gunpowder millabove the gunpowder millchutewaterfalls IIriverWaterfalls IIIAndritsasina 1834The Alpheios near KarytainaBridge over the LousiosThe Alpheios

Mountain village
This is a classic view of a Greek mountainside village.

Piscina and iron wheelMuseum locations

This museum is well worth a visit, and we were there on Museum Day, meaning that admission was free.

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