The Tannery Section of the Dimitsana Museum

The tannery at the open-air museum fo water power in Dimitsana.


In my previous post in this series about my week in Greece (May 12th to 19th) I wrote about the Open-air Museum of Water Power at Dimitsana, and stated that I was going give the tannery a whole post to itself, and here it is.


As well as containing everything used in pre-industrial leather making this section features a short video detailing the process in its entirety. To get from a batch of skins to leather from which stuff could be made would take a couple of months. 

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This is the centrepiece of a fascinating museum. The tannery is the second-furthest part of the museum from the entrance, with the gunpowder mill directly below it. 

Dimitsana 2: The Tannery

The Tannery is absolutely remarkable. There is a 15 minute video which describes the process of getting from skins to usable leather. The process was painstakingly slow, occupying something in the region of a month per batch of skins. If you are ever fortunate enough to visit this site make sure you watch the video right through – it is good.

Once again, pictures will tell this story better than words…


These skins are ready for the tanning process to start.
These skins are ready for the tanning process to start.

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Here we are part way through the process.
Here we are part way through the process.

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This leather is ready for use.
This leather is ready for use.

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