The Last of the April Imaging and Some Cool Links

Because yesterday was a public holiday the bus company were running a Sunday service, and because yesterday was a Friday it was a working day for me. Therefore, I got the first bus of the morning (the 9:25) to Fakenham and was able, all the essential work having been accomplished, to get home on the 15:35. Before I move on to details of the imaging I was doing, I have a fabulous selection of links for you to follow.

LINKS Natalie Bennett gives David Cameron an epic tell off. The site you need to visit if you have not yet registered to vote. An excellent article about portrayal of mental health. An example of impenetrable English. A talk given by the philosopher Daniel Dennett An excellent idea for improving the support available to autistic kids in Australian schools (I reckon we could use it in this country as well). An inspiring interview of one of my favourite bloggers. This is the link to my personalised graphic for why I am voting Labour.


There were just the three of us at James and Sons yesterday, me and my colleagues Chris and Andrew. The two most senior members of staff were at a collectors fair. I had some bulky stamp lots and a couple of pictures to image first up, and then got the really fiddly stuff (old car logbooks and collections of bookmarks) to image later.

I started with the pictures because I wanted to get them stowed out of harm’s way quickly. Pictures, especially if they have a protective covering of glass, can be tough to image, but I reckoned these two came out OK…

?????????? ??????????

The stamp lots were not especially inspiring, but there is one that I think worth sharing…

?????????? ??????????

Just for completeness sake here is a single example of a logbook lot…

This is a composite image showing both sides of the logbooks
This is a composite image showing both sides of the logbooks
These two are the individual images that  combined to make the other.
These two are the individual images that combined to make the other.


I have no idea how much collections of bookmarks will make at auction, but they were fun (if a bit fiddly) to image, and there were many that appealed to me (given my tastes there would have been a big problem had it been otherwise!)…

?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????????

I will end this post, as day two of the Classic FM Hall of Fame begins, with my personalised “Why I am voting Labour” graphic…


Author: Thomas

I am branch secretary of NAS West Norfolk and #actuallyautistic (diagnosed 10 years ago at the comparatively advanced age of 31). I am a keen photographer, so that most of my own posts contain photos. I am a keen cricket fan and often write about that subject. I also focus a lot on politics and on nature.

2 thoughts on “The Last of the April Imaging and Some Cool Links”

  1. Hey Tom!

    Like the links section. What I think might be even better would be if you could string them together into a piece of continuous prose and shortlink them (so: I’m enjoying this excellent article on the challenges of mental health care): that way it’s more about what you’re caring about this week, or today, or whatever….


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