Google Doodle Celebrates Cassini Spacecraft

A post about a special “Google Doodle” honoring the Cassini Spacecraft as it nears a spectacular death.


This morning when I opened up my gmail I noticed an interesting little graphic in the bottom right corner of my screen. I followed up on it, and the results are below…


A full size version of the picture is below (formatted as a link to Google’s own piece):

Cassini Spacecraft Dives Between Saturn and its Rings!


There is an article on under the title “Google Doodle Celebrates Cassini Probe’s ‘Grand Finale’ Saturn Dive“, and rather than reinvent the wheel I offer the screenshot below by way of introduction and to close this brief post:

Screenshot 2017-04-27 at 6.56.10 AM

The Cockaigne Overture

An account of the launch of project to build a museum that really is dedicated to the women of east London. A section on London Underground that opens with some support for the workers who run that system in their effort to secure a limitation on the number of night shifts they can be forced to work and concludes with some quirky stuff about London Underground.


Welcome to this post with a triple purpose title. Those purposes are:

  1. A tribute to a wonderful piece of music, composed by Edward Elgar
  2. This is the first of several posts that I will be putting up today
  3. Also, some elements of this post will indubitably be springboards for launching future posts.


The Cockaigne Overture is a musical invocation of London Town, and it fits with this post because this post is about London. There are two elements to the body of this post:

  • Some stuff about an exciting new project in East London
  • And some stuff about London Underground


This is the most important part of the post, being dedicated to the exciting project mentioned above. Before I get right into it, I must mention as an extra sharing forum my newly created second personal email address, and its associated google+ account. This project has grown out of the anger at a piece of vile duplicity, when what was claimed to be a museum dedicated to the women of East London turned out to be dedicated to Jack the Ripper. The first response, by way of 38degrees, was this petition entitled “Celebrate Suffragettes not Serial Killers“.

Then came the idea to create a museum that really was dedicated to women of East London, for which I offer the following links:

I conclude this part of the post by urging all of you to get involved in any way you can with this really excellent and exciting new project.


Before getting into the two main parts of this section, I draw your attention to my series of posts “London Station by Station“.


The first thing to say about the strikes that are currently rocking London Underground is to make a point that opponents of these workers are doing their damnedest to deliberately obscure: THIS IS NOT ABOUT MONEY. The dispute is about working conditions, and specifically about changes in connection with the introduction of the Night Tube (as it’s instigator, BoJo the Clown calls it). What these workers want and which management have thus far refused to do is a guaranteed upper limit on the number of night shifts any individual can be made to work in the course of a year. To finish this introduction by I reiterate the opening point: THIS IS NOT ABOUT MONEY.

I have a link courtesy of The Independent to a really excellent article about these strikes.

I support these workers wholeheartedly in their struggle and I conclude, because this really cannot be over emphasized by saying one final time: THIS IS NOT ABOUT MONEY.


I have two links and some accompanying graphics in this subsection.

  1. londonist have produced a very interesting post featuring a map of what the Londinium Underground might have looked like had the Romans had the means to create it.
    Londinium Tube Map!
  2. Huffington Post have used the creation of new style tube map by a Hong Kong based individual as a starting point for a post that is a must see for anyone who loves railways, maps or (like this writer) both.

I finish this subsection with a blast from the past – a jpg of one of the Metropolitan Railway’s early maps…

I hope that you enjoy reading this post as much as I have enjoyed creating it. I also hope that some of you will share it!