England Lose Twice In Under 24 Hours

Accounts of the Rugby World Cup Final, a WBBL T20 and England’s 2nd T20I v New Zealand. Also lots of photographs.


Most of my readers will be aware of what happened in Yokohama yesterday morning, but that was not the only fixture involving an England team this weekend, and before sharing some photographs I mention both matches.


England went into the men’s Rugby World Cup final as favourites, having downed the mighty All Blacks in the semi-final. I was listening to commentary on the Women’s Bag Bash League game while keeping an eye on developments in the Rugby. The best it got for England was when they were briefly level at 6-6. Thereafter South Africa were utterly dominant, the two tries they ran in near the end merely making the scoreline a realistic reflection of that dominance. The WBBL game was excellent. The victorious Melbourne Stars had spinners bowl 12 of their 20 overs, and those 12 overs went for a mere 51 between them. Lizelle Lee scored an astonishing century for the Stars to give them a very respectable total, which their bowlers as described above defended.


England won the first match of the five game T20 series in New Zealand, but the hosts struck back in the small hours of the morning GB time. Worcestershire’s Pat Brown got slapped for 32 off just two overs, while Lewis Gregory who mysteriously also only got two overs started his international bowling career by knocking a stump back with his very first delivery and finished with 1-10. England were not up with the rate at any point of the chase, and when their final wicket fell to the penultimate ball of the game the margin was 21 runs (substantial in this form of the game). Chris Jordan had a fine match for England, with 3-25 and then 36 off 19 balls (second top England score behind Dawid Malan with 39). Saqib Mahmood, picked without the domestic figures to suggest international quality, had 1-46 from his four overs, a very poor showing.


My usual sign off (features a couple of spider pics near the end)…

P1280184 (2)P1280185 (2)P1280187 (2)P1280188 (2)P1280190 (2)P1280191 (2)P1280195 (2)P1280196 (2)P1280197 (2)P1280198 (2)P1280199 (2)P1280200 (2)P1280202 (2)P1280207 (2)P1280208 (2)P1280209 (2)P1280211 (2)P1280212 (2)P1280213 (2)

P1280218 (2)
The “Impossipuzzle” – merely difficult when an autistic person who enjoys puzzles takes it on (total completion time aprrox three hours).

P1280220 (2)P1280221 (2)P1280222 (2)

P1280222 (3)
At the autism friendly social group, King’s Lynn Library, next two sessions Wednesday November 13 and Monday November 25.

P1280216 (2)P1280217 (2)P1280219 (2)P1280263 (2)P1280264 (2)P1280265 (2)P1280266 (2)P1280267 (2)P1280269 (2)P1280270 (2)P1280271 (2)P1280273 (2)P1280273P1280275 (2)P1280276 (2)P1280277 (2)P1280278 (2)P1280281 (2)P1280282 (2)P1280284 (2)P1280286 (2)P1280287 (2)P1280291 (2)P1280293 (2)P1280294 (2)P1280295 (2)P1280298 (2)P1280299 (2)

P1280300 (2)
Ths puzzle was much easier than the other featured here. Can you spot what is wrong with the track arrangement that forms a border?)…

P1280301 (2)P1280302 (2)P1280303 (2)P1280304 (2)

P1280305 (2)
…As shown trains can get on to the circle of track but not off it.

P1280307 (2)P1280308 (2)P1280309 (2)P1280311 (2)P1280314 (2)P1280315 (2)P1280317 (2)P1280318 (2)P1280319 (2)P1280321 (2)P1280323 (2)P1280324 (2)P1280325 (2)P1280326 (2)P1280330 (2)P1280335 (2)P1280338 (2)P1280341 (2)P1280343 (2)P1280345 (2)P1280346 (2)P1280347 (2)

P1280348 (2)
Spotted while out and about today, a small hedgehog near the Gaywood River (three pics)

P1280349 (2)P1280350 (2)

Buildings and a Petition

Some more pictures of buildings in and around King’s Lynn, plus a link to an important petition.


This post can be seen as a sequel to “Buildings of Kings Lynn” and “More Buildings of King’s Lynn”. However, as you will see, this one has a slightly wider focus.


Our first building of the day is sadly not being used for anything. It used, in the days when such things existed to be our main Post Office (we now have the services of a few cashiers at WHSmith instead), and no subsequent use has been found for it.


Now we have some buildings near the train station…

Portland Street

The first of the two pictures I combined to make the ‘juxtaposition image’


The Fenman Pub – there is lots of railway memorabilia inside (it is directly opposite the station)
St John’s Vicarage

From here, since we are at the start of St John’s Walk, we enter the parkland area…


The Guanock Gate


The South Gate.

On our way from the South Gate to the Great Ouse we get a glimpse of the Baptist Church.


Looking across the river, we get a glimpse of West Lynn Church (one can use the ferry if one wishes to get closer, or walk down to the road bridge and cross there)


Near Marriott’s Warehouse one can see the Rathskellar wine bar…


The Rathskeller, with a side wall of Marriott’s in the background.

We finish this section with a few quirky images from the town centre.

In spite of the size of this poster the map is next to useless – I know the Hardwick Sainsbury’s well, but could not find it using that map.
The side of Boot’s .
Close up of the metalwork.
The top of the guildhall. The green structure projects the light show on to King’s Lynn Minster at night.


My aunt had noticed a cause for concern in a planning application for something in Gaywood, and as we were heading for Sunday lunch with my parents in East Rudham anyway we went via Gaywood. We actually saw no evidence there of the planning application that had caused the concern, but did see another, for an extension of the pub. The original planning application that had been brought to my aunt’s attention was for a small new build, and these photos from the area in question show, a plain concrete box which is what apparently was on the table would have been very inappropriate.

The planning application that was on display in Gaywood
Two brick houses with distinctive features.


Trees that may i danger of being knocked down.
Not brick and flint, but (like the library) brick and Carr.


Dedicated followers of this blog will know that yesterday I put up a post supporting a team4nature thunderclap. I am finishing this post by linking to an official petition to the UK government to give hedgehogs better protection. The petition can be viewed here (note and apology to my international followers – you have to be a British citizen to sign petitions on this site).