A Meme, A Puzzle and Some Bird Pictures

A meme about Evolution and Creationism, courtesy of @AtheistRepublic, a puzzle courtesy of Brilliant and some bird pictures of my own.


Just a brief post to keep me on your radar!


This was posted on twitter by AtheistRepublic, and I think it is very good indeed:



This little problem generated a surprising amount of controversy on brilliant – though it is not particularly difficult, and there were no real grounds for controversy:


I will reveal the solution tomorrow.


We had a bit of sun in King’s Lynn today, but in consequence of it being December it was already virtually level with the horizon by 3PM. However, it being as pleasant as a December day in Blighty can be I did get out a couple of times, and augmented my stock of bird pictures along the way:

Blackbird IIBlackbird IIIBlackbird IVBlackbird VMoorhen triangleMoorhenFemale BlackbirdFlying gullGull and westering sunRookGullsGulls IIFlying gull IIbirdsFlying birdFlying cormorantGulls and flying cormorantSmall birdGulls and cormorantCormorant with guard of gullsGathering of birdsCormorant



A Music Workshop for Autistic People

An account of attending a music workshop organised by NAS West Norfolk, with plenty of photos, also some important links.


This afternoon I attended a music workshop organised by NAS West Norfolk. The title of piece of this post, acompanied by many photographs, is about this workshop.


Having established to my own satisfaction the location of Scout Hut 12, Beulah Street I walked out of town along Bawsey Drain as far as Lynn Sport before heading across the open grassland to the scout hut (my direction finding was up to its usual standard, so no hiccups). Although I was under some time constraint I got a few photos on the way…

St Nicholas Chapel looking splendid.
St Nicholas Chapel looking splendid.

DSCN4458 DSCN4459 DSCN4460 DSCN4462


First up, “hut” is something of a misnomer – it is quite a substantial building. There were many things worthy of photographing there…

DSCN4464 DSCN4465 DSCN4466 DSCN4467 DSCN4468 DSCN4469 DSCN4470

After a brief meet and greet upstairs it was downstairs again to the room where the action was taking place. Fortunately, the music making was being done largely by computer – I would not have inflicted myself playing an actual instrument on anyone (there were some real instruments there but I was careful not to be assigned any of them). In the first session which was group playing I had first stringed instruments and then a couple of keyboard instruments (in computer program form)…

The computer I used to make music.
The computer I used to make music.

The second session involved recording ourselves making percussion type sounds from non-instruments – the results were not nearly as appalling as you might expect.

These were the twelve things I used to extract percussion type sounds.

I have a few more pics from the building to display…

DSCN4472 DSCN4473 DSCN4474 DSCN4475 DSCN4476 DSCN4477 DSCN4478 DSCN4479 DSCN4481 DSCN4483 DSCN4484 DSCN4485


For the walk home I headed down to King Edward the Seventh Academy, along to Tennyson Road and through to Seven Sisters, finishing up by heading along the riverbank. Here are the pics from that section of the day…

DSCN4488 DSCN4490 DSCN4491 DSCN4492 DSCN4494 DSCN4495 DSCN4496 DSCN4499 DSCN4501


Not so many links as as I sometimes have, but still enough to split into sections.


Two links in this section:

  1. Mark Steel has produced a typically amusing ironic piece in the Independent by way of responding to the decision to refuse his application to register as a supporter.
  2. Vox Political on another Blairite grandee who has proven unable to resist sticking his oar in, on this occasion the ignoble Lord Mandelson


I am including in this section a petition calling on the government for a full assessment of the impact of welfare cuts on disabled people. My other two links are to an online publication called The ASD Times. They have been kind enough to include some of my stuff, so here a couple of links the other way:


Two links in this section…

  1. A call to keep the pressure on South African Airlines to do the right thing and refuse to carry hunting “trophies”.
  2. Mark Avery tackles a by-product of driven grouse shooting – traps.


Two links and an infographic here…