Musical Keys


This is an account of a Musical Keys session for autistic people that took place between 4:30 and 6PM on Monday. The photos I shall be sharing include some pictures of myself and the other people at the group. Everyone was aware that these pictures were being taken and that they were going to be made public.


I reversed my normal sequence of travel, going out by way of the Walks, which provided a few decent pictures…

DSCN6744 DSCN6746 DSCN6748 DSCN6749 DSCN6750

I arrived at the venue, the scout hut on Beaulah Street, a few minutes early, and the youngsters were still finishing their session, so I waited near the front door, and bagged a few more pictures…

DSCN6751 DSCN6752 DSCN6753 DSCN6754 DSCN6755 DSCN6756


Before we got underway with the music making (don’t worry I was not playing a real instrument – as with the story of Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Rat of Sumatra there are some things for which humanity is not yet ready!) we were required to record introductions giving our name and one other fact about ourselves and select a special effect to go with our words. I decided that the other fact would be my enthusiasm for photography, and in a nod to my love of photographing nature selected the jungle effect so that it sounded like an opening to a wildlife documentary.

Voice recording software displayed in landscape format...
Voice recording software displayed in landscape format…
...and here in portrait format.
…and here in portrait format.

On to the music, and I was doing the strings by way of more software on the i-pad…


We had a short break in the middle of the session, and then resumed. Near the end we did the…


I took the first photograph, and then handed the camera over to another member of the group, provided some basic instruction, and of course did the preparing/ editing of the pictures myself…


We were in the ground floor room at the scout hut, and my attention was drawn to the maps (three in total with varfious adjuncts) on the walls. Naturally this was not an opportunity to be missed…

DSCN6757 DSCN6758 DSCN6759 DSCN6760 DSCN6761 DSCN6762 DSCN6763 DSCN6765 DSCN6766 DSCN6768 DSCN6773 DSCN6774 DSCN6775 DSCN6776 DSCN6777 DSCN6778 DSCN6779 DSCN6780 DSCN6781 DSCN6782 DSCN6783 DSCN6785 DSCN6786 DSCN6787 DSCN6788 DSCN6789 DSCN6791 DSCN6792 DSCN6793 DSCN6801


Having thoroughly enjoyed the Musical Keys session, and added to my photo collection, it was time to head home, and by then since the clocks went back the previous day it was full dark – still I did some photos on the way home, and I also include one from yesterday…

Snapped at a quarter of a million miles!
Snapped at a quarter of a million miles!

DSCN6809 DSCN6810 DSCN6814

Yes - Fawkes in the Walks in back!
Yes – Fawkes in the Walks in back!

A Music Workshop for Autistic People

An account of attending a music workshop organised by NAS West Norfolk, with plenty of photos, also some important links.


This afternoon I attended a music workshop organised by NAS West Norfolk. The title of piece of this post, acompanied by many photographs, is about this workshop.


Having established to my own satisfaction the location of Scout Hut 12, Beulah Street I walked out of town along Bawsey Drain as far as Lynn Sport before heading across the open grassland to the scout hut (my direction finding was up to its usual standard, so no hiccups). Although I was under some time constraint I got a few photos on the way…

St Nicholas Chapel looking splendid.
St Nicholas Chapel looking splendid.

DSCN4458 DSCN4459 DSCN4460 DSCN4462


First up, “hut” is something of a misnomer – it is quite a substantial building. There were many things worthy of photographing there…

DSCN4464 DSCN4465 DSCN4466 DSCN4467 DSCN4468 DSCN4469 DSCN4470

After a brief meet and greet upstairs it was downstairs again to the room where the action was taking place. Fortunately, the music making was being done largely by computer – I would not have inflicted myself playing an actual instrument on anyone (there were some real instruments there but I was careful not to be assigned any of them). In the first session which was group playing I had first stringed instruments and then a couple of keyboard instruments (in computer program form)…

The computer I used to make music.
The computer I used to make music.

The second session involved recording ourselves making percussion type sounds from non-instruments – the results were not nearly as appalling as you might expect.

These were the twelve things I used to extract percussion type sounds.

I have a few more pics from the building to display…

DSCN4472 DSCN4473 DSCN4474 DSCN4475 DSCN4476 DSCN4477 DSCN4478 DSCN4479 DSCN4481 DSCN4483 DSCN4484 DSCN4485


For the walk home I headed down to King Edward the Seventh Academy, along to Tennyson Road and through to Seven Sisters, finishing up by heading along the riverbank. Here are the pics from that section of the day…

DSCN4488 DSCN4490 DSCN4491 DSCN4492 DSCN4494 DSCN4495 DSCN4496 DSCN4499 DSCN4501


Not so many links as as I sometimes have, but still enough to split into sections.


Two links in this section:

  1. Mark Steel has produced a typically amusing ironic piece in the Independent by way of responding to the decision to refuse his application to register as a supporter.
  2. Vox Political on another Blairite grandee who has proven unable to resist sticking his oar in, on this occasion the ignoble Lord Mandelson


I am including in this section a petition calling on the government for a full assessment of the impact of welfare cuts on disabled people. My other two links are to an online publication called The ASD Times. They have been kind enough to include some of my stuff, so here a couple of links the other way:


Two links in this section…

  1. A call to keep the pressure on South African Airlines to do the right thing and refuse to carry hunting “trophies”.
  2. Mark Avery tackles a by-product of driven grouse shooting – traps.


Two links and an infographic here…

England Take The Lead In 2015 Ashes

A bit about England’s magnificent win at Edgbaston, an infographic about an event being staged by Surrey, some quality links and infographics.


I have some links and infographics as well as my main piece. I hope that you will enjoy this post and be encouraged to share it.


England responded to the battering they took at Lord’s in the best possible way, by storming to a three-day victory at Edgbaston to restore their lead in the series. Australia won by 405 runs at Lords, England by eight wickets here. I reckon this constitutes the most spectacular about turn in fortunes in successive ashes matches since 1965-66 when the teams traded innings victories in the second and third matches of the series.

Particularly welcome was the return to top form of Steven Finn who followed James Anderson’s first innings six-for with six wickets of his own the second. Among the scraps left by these two were enough wickets for Stuart Broad to reach 300 in tests. Ian Bell whose poor form had him in the last chance saloon with the last orders bell being sounded came up with two fifties in the match in front of his home crowd – and given the low scoring nature of the game these were easily worth centuries on a flat one.

An unfortunate injury means that for the fourth match at Trent Bridge England have the unenviable task of attempting to fill an Anderson shaped hole in their squad.

To finish this cricket related section, Surrey are putting on an event to celebrate women’s and girls cricket featuring current England captain Charlotte Edwards, head of ECB women’s cricket Clare Connor and being hosted by Surrey”s Director of women’s cricket Ebony Rainford-Brent…

Women's cricket


My first set of links follow on from my last blog post and feature more on…


First up an event that will probably remain unique in the history of aspiblog – a link to an article in the Daily Mail

Next, courtesy of Huffington Post, this piece by wildlife expert and occasional ballroom dancer Steve Backshall

Finally on this particular topic, this from The Age.



Tonight is the second full moon in July – a rare event called a Blue Moon and best know for the cliche “once in a blue moon”. For a detailed account of the phenomenon check out this piece from

Next, courtesy of livescience come two dinosaur related links:

1)A new discovery of a dinosaur with an exceptional sense of smell

2)Photographs of remains of one of the largest animals ever to walk the earth.

Dinosaur bone

Ending this subsection on science, courtesy of, this piece about the Earth’s magnetic shield being older than previously thought.


Just two connected pieces here:

1)A post on Patheos about an atheist suffering persecution

2)The original blog post that triggered the Patheos piece.


Again, just two connected pieces:

1)An update on a petition calling on Lego to positively represent disabled people

2)And a piece courtesy of themighty that connects to the above petition.


I finish this post with two infographics, one from the Corbyn campaign and one on the subject of NHS pay…

Corbyn NHS

A productive day at James and Sons

I have had a very productive day at James and Sons. I spent the morning imaging for our next auction and the afternoon working on the stock database for the same.

As a result of this work I have some good images to share with you, leavened with some not work related…

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