Kakapo Lego (plus Tweets)

Where lego and New Zealand birds meet, courtesy of Heather Hastie.

The creation is magnificent, and Heather’s idea of using it to launch a whole lego range devoted to indigenous New Zealand birds is even better. It is a little unfortunate to use this phrase given one of the most famous quirks of these birds, but the products would absolutely fly off the shelves…

Note – this is Heather’s story and if you wish to comment you will need to visit the original.

Source: Kakapo Lego (plus Tweets)

England Take The Lead In 2015 Ashes

A bit about England’s magnificent win at Edgbaston, an infographic about an event being staged by Surrey, some quality links and infographics.


I have some links and infographics as well as my main piece. I hope that you will enjoy this post and be encouraged to share it.


England responded to the battering they took at Lord’s in the best possible way, by storming to a three-day victory at Edgbaston to restore their lead in the series. Australia won by 405 runs at Lords, England by eight wickets here. I reckon this constitutes the most spectacular about turn in fortunes in successive ashes matches since 1965-66 when the teams traded innings victories in the second and third matches of the series.

Particularly welcome was the return to top form of Steven Finn who followed James Anderson’s first innings six-for with six wickets of his own the second. Among the scraps left by these two were enough wickets for Stuart Broad to reach 300 in tests. Ian Bell whose poor form had him in the last chance saloon with the last orders bell being sounded came up with two fifties in the match in front of his home crowd – and given the low scoring nature of the game these were easily worth centuries on a flat one.

An unfortunate injury means that for the fourth match at Trent Bridge England have the unenviable task of attempting to fill an Anderson shaped hole in their squad.

To finish this cricket related section, Surrey are putting on an event to celebrate women’s and girls cricket featuring current England captain Charlotte Edwards, head of ECB women’s cricket Clare Connor and being hosted by Surrey”s Director of women’s cricket Ebony Rainford-Brent…

Women's cricket


My first set of links follow on from my last blog post and feature more on…


First up an event that will probably remain unique in the history of aspiblog – a link to an article in the Daily Mail

Next, courtesy of Huffington Post, this piece by wildlife expert and occasional ballroom dancer Steve Backshall

Finally on this particular topic, this from The Age.



Tonight is the second full moon in July – a rare event called a Blue Moon and best know for the cliche “once in a blue moon”. For a detailed account of the phenomenon check out this piece from discovery.com.

Next, courtesy of livescience come two dinosaur related links:

1)A new discovery of a dinosaur with an exceptional sense of smell

2)Photographs of remains of one of the largest animals ever to walk the earth.

Dinosaur bone

Ending this subsection on science, courtesy of bbc.co.uk, this piece about the Earth’s magnetic shield being older than previously thought.


Just two connected pieces here:

1)A post on Patheos about an atheist suffering persecution

2)The original blog post that triggered the Patheos piece.


Again, just two connected pieces:

1)An update on a change.org petition calling on Lego to positively represent disabled people

2)And a piece courtesy of themighty that connects to the above petition.


I finish this post with two infographics, one from the Corbyn campaign and one on the subject of NHS pay…

Corbyn NHS

A Dull Grey Saturday


As well as my title piece and accompanying photographs I have some cracking links to share with you.


In a classic application of Murphy’s Law today is dull and grey, immediately following several bright sunny work days. Not that unappealing weather meant that there was nothing to photograph – after being dry for some time the fountain in The Walks had water in it and was functioning as it should…


Just beyond that was a “Trivial Pursuit” type arrangement of flower beds, one half of which I captured for posterity…


The squirrels were not in the least deterred by filthy grey skies either…

DSCN7789 DSCN7792 DSCN7794

The ducks and moorhens were enjoying the waters of the upper Millfleet as it flows through the parkland…

DSCN7797 DSCN7798 DSCN7799

The younger generation were also in evidence out on the water…


Arriving at the river bank by way of Hardings Pits I took a shot looking towards the town…


Walking past the anti-flood wall near old Boal Quay I was gratified to spot this blackbird at quite close quarters…


My last shot was taken at the jetty now in its second summer of service, and hosting a single boat today…




I found this shocking story of institutionalized abuse (I can call it nothing else), by way of twitter and I have already made contact with the author and subject of the story, Jennifer Msumba who posted it on her blog Here is an infographic for you…


My second autism related link concerns Kevin Healey of the National Autistic Society and his continuing effort to get twitter to protect him properly. That perennial source of fine material Huffington Post is running an article by him about cyber-bullying. For some time, Kevin has been running a petition via change,org to put pressure on twitter to do the right thing.


The petition calling on Playmobil to produce toys that show disabled people in a positive light has succeeded in persuading them, after gaining more than 50,000 signatures. As well as celebrating, the organisers are using this as a springboard for tackling their next target, Lego. To view, sign and share this new petition please follow this link.


A couple of crackers in this mini-section:

1)Dan Keeling on how the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.

2)This gem from kittysjones.


The dailyinspirationblog have come up trumps with this piece about Aristotle.

Patheos, who feature regularly in the links section of this blog, are here again, this time with a report on a particularly egregious piece of legislation which will cause the adoption rate in the state of Michigan to plummet.

My next link to share comes courtesy of thepoorsideoflife and concerns new targets for DWP compliance interviews.

My next and penultimate link is to a piece from handandmouse which combines slamming George Osborne with arguing cogently for Jeremy Corbyn to be on the ballot paper for the Labour leadership election.

To end this section here is a link to a piece in the Lynn News about how the town will be celebrating the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta.



I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and will be inspired to share it.


Here are a few random pics that I choose to share…

Window display at the Salvation Army shop in Fakenham.
Window display at the Salvation Army shop in Fakenham.
A close up of one the pieces featured in the first picture.
A close up of one the pieces featured in the first picture.


More from the Salvation Army shop.
More from the Salvation Army shop.

DSCN7787 DSCN7802

Detail from the Majestic Cinema, King's Lynn
Detail from the Majestic Cinema, King’s Lynn