Cornish Winter Break 2: Looe

Continuing the coverage of my Cornish Winter Break with Looe and a brief mention of Rame Head.


In my previous post I set the scene for what will be a series of posts about my festive season in Cornwall. In this one I will deal with the visit my parents and I made to Looe. I also take this opportunity to draw your attention to the fact that Phoebe is once again offering us all a chance to promote our blogs on her site – follow this link.


We made this trip by car. There is also a rail route involving a change at Liskeard, which I may avail myself of on a future occasion. We parked just in East Looe (East and West Looe are linked by a bridge, which we walked across) and set out to explore. Here are some preliminary pictures…

P1290038 (2)
The first six pictures here were taken while in transit.

P1290040 (2)P1290041 (2)P1290042 (2)

P1290043 (2)
This fort is of the same vintage as Fort Picklecombe where my parents have thier apartment.
P1290044 (2)
This was once a fine hotel – the sort of establishment in which an Agatha Christie story could be set – or one from either of Carola Dunn’s two series (it is probably more a DS Pencarrow setting, not least given its location, than a Daisy Dalrymple one, but neither would be absolutely out of place).
P1290045 (2)
The first picture from Looe itself.

P1290046 (2)


There were many interesting things to see in both East and West Looe, including a few bits about the area’s history, a lifeboat station (although not being afflicted by the kind of extreme tides that northwest Norfolk gets they have only a boat, not a hovercraft as well) and a new boutique distillery (only gin, apparently not very good stuff, at present, but they will ultimately be producing whiskey which may be of better quality in due time). During the summer months, when much more is open, the place must get very crowded indeed, so I was glad to see it at a time when one could actually see the place and not just a vast mass of bodies. This was a very satisfying first outing of my Cornish holiday.

P1290048 (2)P1290049 (2)

P1290050 (2)
I always like this sort of thing.

P1290051 (2)P1290052 (2)P1290053 (2)P1290054 (2)P1290055 (2)P1290056 (2)P1290057 (2)

P1290058 (2)
This was where we had our lunch – and it is a TARDIS like place – you would never believe looking at this frontage how much there is inside it.

P1290059 (2)P1290060 (2)P1290061 (2)P1290063 (2)P1290065 (2)P1290066 (2)P1290067 (2)

P1290068 (2)
There is a tea shop on Norfolk Street, King’s Lynn that has a display a little like this one, but this is only the second of its kind that I have seen.

P1290069 (2)P1290070 (2)P1290071 (2)P1290072 (2)P1290073 (2)P1290074 (2)P1290075 (2)

P1290076 (2)
The Tower House…
P1290077 (2)
…first of order of business for a new owner would be to get the roof replaced.

P1290078 (2)P1290079 (2)P1290080 (2)P1290081 (2)P1290082 (2)P1290083 (2)P1290085 (2)P1290086 (2)P1290087 (2)P1290088 (2)P1290089 (2)P1290090 (2)P1290091 (2)P1290092 (2)P1290093 (2)P1290094 (2)P1290095 (2)P1290096 (2)P1290097 (2)P1290098 (2)P1290099 (2)

P1290100 (2)
I enjoyed this little monument (two pics)

P1290101 (2)P1290102 (2)P1290102 (3)P1290103 (2)P1290104 (2)P1290105 (2)P1290106 (2)P1290107 (2)P1290108 (2)P1290109 (2)P1290110 (2)P1290111 (2)P1290112 (2)

P1290113 (2)
This distillery.

P1290114 (2)P1290115 (2)P1290116 (2)P1290117 (2)P1290118 (2)P1290119 (2)P1290120 (2)


On the way back we visited Rame Head, where there is an old church and a coast watch station. This was a splendid way to end the day.

P1290121 (2)
Some pics from the return journey.

P1290122 (2)P1290123 (2)P1290125 (2)P1290126 (2)

P1290129 (2)
An old church

P1290130 (2)P1290131 (2)P1290132 (2)P1290133 (2)P1290134 (2)P1290135 (2)P1290136 (2)P1290137 (2)P1290138 (2)P1290139 (2)P1290141 (2)P1290142 (2)P1290143 (2)P1290144 (2)P1290145 (2)P1290146 (2)P1290148 (2)P1290149 (2)P1290150 (2)P1290151 (2)P1290152 (2)P1290153 (2)P1290154 (2)

Cornish Winter Break 1: Setting the Scene

Setting the scene for a series of posts about my holiday in Cornwall.


I spent Christmas and the New Year in Cornwall, staying at my parent’s place. In this post I set the stage for series of posts to come about the things I did while there. In addition to eight places of interest (some of which merit rather more than a single post, or indeed a single visit) I will also be describing the cooking of a meal for six, which will be accompanied by some general pictures from the vicinity of my parents place. In the rest of this post I will set out the order for the rest of the series as an appetizer.


Definitely worth a visit if you are in that part of the world.

P1290094 (2)P1290097 (2)P1290098 (2)


This is a truly astonishing place and one that will repay many visits. I will certainly be devoting more than one post to my visit there this holiday.

P1290229 (2)P1290230 (2)

P1290243 (2)
The biomes.
P1290257 (2)
The start of the trail through time.
P1290288 (2)
An addition to the project since my only previous visit – this building is devoted to the things we normally cannot see.

P1290407 (2)

P1290413 (2)
Inside the Mediterranean Biome.


Only a little of this place was open, and I hope to see more of it in due course.

P1290545 (2)P1290546 (2)

P1290550 (2)
The gatehouse, once a hunting lodge before the big house was built.
P1290554 (2)
The main house.

P1290555 (2)P1290556 (2)P1290662 (2)P1290663 (2)


The least impressive of the places we visited.

P1290846 (2)


An extraordinarily scenic place, will be getting several posts in this series.

P1290945 (2)

P1290954 (2)
I will be covering this bridge in detail – for the moment suffice to say that it is both superb and very necessary.

P1290959 (2)P1290976 (2)P1290980 (2)P1290985 (2)

P1300013 (2)
This view from the heights of Tintagel is currently my desktop background.
P1300026 (2)
The sun prevented me from getting a really got picture of this view.

P1300027 (2)

P1300029 (2)
The old church

P1300040 (2)

P1300064 (2)
The bridge from above.

P1300068 (2)


This is well known to fans of Daphne Du Maurier and/ or Rosamunde Pilcher. We stopped there on the way back from Tintagel.

P1300100 (2)


I enjoyed visiting this town, though as you will see when I post about it I consider it over-hyped.

P1300164 (2)


This was a success.

P1290808 (2)


The last activity of the holiday – and talk about finishing on a high note. I will certainly be revisiting this town

P1300607 (2)
This splendid mosaic can be seen at Falmouth Docks station.

P1300623 (2)

P1300635 (2)
The National Maritime Museum Cornwall.
P1300719 (2)
Views of Falmouth from the look out tower in the museum

P1300720 (2)P1300743 (2)P1300814 (2)P1310002 (2)P1310007 (2)