A Hectic Day at James and Sons

Today has been a busy day at James and Sons, with lots coming in for the July sale, and needing imaging. I have some cracking photos, including one which I have used as a marketing ploy on the Great Centenary Auction facebook and twitter pages, giving people a link to follow to find out how to donate if they are so minded, which I now repeat here: http://bit.ly/1l53uOh. As usual I have some pictures for you…

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Catalogue out and more photography

Thank you to all of you who have liked previous posts on this blog, and a bigger thank you to those of you have been kind enough to hit the follow button.

The catalogue for the June sale of James and Sons is now out, and can be viewed online by following the link provided.

I spent much of yesterday doing stuff on the Database, so I have not got many work images to show, but I have plenty of others, one of which (of Fakenham war memorial) I will be uploading on www.facebook.com/GreatAuction and of course mentioning on www.twitter.com/great_auction. As well as my usual type of photo, I have a collection of banknotes which will be lot 37 in the upcoming auction, and some books which have not yet been assigned to a particular auction but which I imaged at the same time as doing the describing.

Enjoy the images…

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Photography Club, Great Centenary Auction and James and Sons

Yesterday I attended a meeting of the King’s Lynn Photography Club. They had a chap up from London to give a presentation about conventional and unconventional photography which was quite good. It was excessively hot in the room where this meeting took place, and I had come straight from a tough day at work. Because of this I left at the end of the presentation.

I was very glad to get out into the cool of the evening, and had a late supper outside. I managed to grab a good picture which shows that is not only flags that fly from flagsticks.

After an organising meeting at Raynham Hall for the Great Centenary Auction this morning it was back to James and Sons for another days work. My work images from the last two days are of cigarette card lots, of which some are worth showing. Owing to the sheer number of cards in each lot I generally select one card from each set contained within the lot and make an image of all the cards I have chosen. Facebook and twitter continue to make progress, and we are beginning to get more stuff.

Now for the images…

It's not only flags that can fly from the flagpole on top of Clifton House Tower!
It’s not only flags that can fly from the flagpole on top of Clifton House Tower!

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Summer in King’s Lynn

I had little expectation of a bumper weekend’s photography on Saturday morning, when it was bucketing down with rain and there was no sign of a let up by lunch time (standard British summer day in other words!). But when the weather improved it do so with a vengeance, and Sunday morning was perfect for a long walk in the sun.

With the new camera being so powerful, the tough decisions were over which of my as yet undisplayed pictures I was going to give publicity to. One of these pictures was taken in Norwich on Thursday, but otherwise they are all locations that are within walking distance of central King’s Lynn.

I will have some auction items to show you before too long, and if you have yet to do so please like http://www.facebook.com/GreatAuction and or follow http://www.twitter.com/great_auction

Here are the photos…

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Modern Olympia and the Hotel Europa

Modern Olympia plays up to its historic role, with motifs related to the Olympic movement set into the pavements, commemorative statues prominently on display and such like. It is also crawling with coaches because ancient Olympia is such a honeypot.

We are staying at the Hotel Europa, which is a Best Western, but feels magnificently unlike a chain hotel. It has a superb swimming pool, albeit a trifle cold as it is open air and unheated (about 5 degrees cooler than the sea off Stoupa). The necessity of warming up between swims meant that I made three separate visits to the pool.

Last night we had supper outside at the hotels Taverna. It was a most excellent meal, with lamb chops for the main course, following on from some most agreeable starters. An excellent Retsina accompanied the meal.

Breakfast this morning (eaten on a scale sufficient to see me through until supper) was up to the same stratospheric standard as supper.

Enjoy these pics…


Did I mention the number of coaches?
Did I mention the number of coaches?

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