Birds Seen in 2023

Hello everyone. This post is a brief one focussing on the bird life I have seen since the start of 2023. The only species I have seen that is not included in the photo gallery is the giant pigeon, which I could photograph almost any time I wanted to. The others are below, with a few labelled…

Sunday Sharing Spectular

A mixed bag of a post, featuring autism, politics, mathematics and photography.


As well as the wide variety of ,links that give this post its title it will feature some of my own stuff, notably pictures.


I start with some stuff about Autism, beginning with…


Laina, guiding genius of thesilentwaveblog, has set up a new blog specifically for sharing stuff. Her announcement of this is here, while the new blog can be seen here.


I end this little section with what is a new find for me, stimtheline, with a post titled “Autism is Me“.


The four links in this section are links that form no natural groupings:


This refers to three related pieces that I have seen on robertlovespi. Fullerenes are spheroid carbon allotropes (also known in some circles as buckyballs – both the formal and informal deisgnation pay tribute to the architect Richard Buckminster Fuller who was particularly known for geodesic domes). The three pieces are:

  1. The one that first attracted my attention, titled “The Construction of a Zome Model of a 240-Atom Fullerene Molecule, In Seven Pictures
  2. Then comes “A 240-Atom Fullerene, and Related Polyhedra
    C240 fullerene 2
  3. Finally, “The C-320 Fullerene Polyhedron“.


This one comes from brilliant, though it has a little addition of my own as well:


This is an easy question, even without the multi-choice options given on the site. If the 51 under the dividing line was replaced by 53 it would become fiendishly difficult – can you work out why?


GullPale drakeMoorhenHorse and Cart

This is a twitter find.



Christmas Meal and Continuing Twitter Success

Last night was the Christmas meal of the King’s Lynn Asperger Support Society, and an excellent time was had by all. We were delighted to welcome two new members to the group. Although the food was not by any stretch a triumph, the bill came to less than expected as £10 was knocked off it by way of acknowledging a particular fail with one of the main courses (a roastie that was still solid in the middle and in consequence the dish was sent back and replaced with something else.

Although I am still without my Nikon P520 Coolpix I did get some interesting pictures during the day yesterday with my other camera.

My personal twitter account, @aspitweets continues to go from strength to strength, now having 637 followers.

Now some photos…

Moorhen in the Purfleet
Moorhen in the Purfleet


The first of four shots I have included of "Cormorant Platform" - I have never previously seen this many of them all at once.
The first of four shots I have included of “Cormorant Platform” – I have never previously seen this many of them all at once.

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