Holkham and bridge

It has been a while since my last post. Since then I have spent considerable time with my sister and my nephew for the first time in two years. We have played large amounts of bridge. Initially the cards were hugely against my partner and I but the pendulum has begun to swing back towards us.

As well as this, and the usual things that families do in the festive season we took a coastal walk from Holkham to Wells. This is at all times of year a very scenic walk, doable in half an hour if you choose not to stp en route but occupying two hours if you have a small boy with you to dictate the tempo. I will be putting up a number of photos from this over the course of time. Having decided to start by taking the path across Holkham Meals (an artifical formation of pine planted sand dunes created and named by the then Earl of Leicester) to the beach and walk as close to the sea as we could the whole way, we found ourselves baulked by a river which was deeper than anyone’s shoes. Rather than turn back we took shoes and socks off and crossed barefooted. As you will see from one of the photos I shall shortly be putting up we had a very hard frost in King’s Lynn last night.