Auctions Next Week

An introdfuction to next week’s James and Sons’ auctions.


James and Sons’ October auctions will be taking place next week. A combination of factors, including a colleague being signed off sick for three months, left us somewhat behind schedule, but the printed catalogues should be arriving either today or early tomorrow, and the online catalogue is ready for viewing. The rest of this post details what will be going under the hammer on each day.


This auction kicks of with 250 lots of military themed postcards, then 150 lots of ephemera and finishes with 100 lots of cigarette/ Trade cards. Here are a few of the lots:

Lot 97
lot 250
lot 342
Lot 460


Postal History, Stamps, Coins and Banknotes. This sale starts at lot 601 and ends at lot 1100. 

Lot 601
Lot 754
Lot 900
Lot 901 (three images)


Lot 935 ( three images)


Lot 960 (three images)


Lot 995 (three images)


Lot 1031
Lot 1098


This auction features lots 1201-1600. These lots include Jewellery, toys, militaria and other objects of interest.

Lot 1202 (two images)


Lot 1224 (five images)


Lot 1216
All the remaining images bafr the final one are of lots 1501 and 1502. Images 1501-a and 1502-a are both on the front cover of the catalogue. Please note that these guns are disabled – they are museum pieces (as all guns should become).


Lot 1500.


James and Sons April Auction

Giving an account of James and Sons’ April auction and (in the introduction) setting the scene for the rest of the day’s blogging activity.


This is the first of several full length posts that I am intending to put up today (I have already produced a little squib relating to today’s special Google Doodle) and so before getting into the meat of it I take this opportunity to indicate what you can expect over the course of the rest of today: Science and Nature including an introduction to a fabulous series of memes about evolution, Autism and some political stuff.


This auction was a three-day, 1,500 lot sale, taking place on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. All three days took place at our shop in Fakenham. The first day stuff had to be brought down into the body of the shop on the Friday. 

DAY 1: LOTS 1-500

These lots consisted of coins, banknotes, bank related ephemera, coin first-day covers and militaria. This was a successful day, with the coins and the militaria doing particularly well. After consuming my sandwiches I then had to bring the stuff for Day 2 down into the shop ready for viewing in the morning. 

DAY 2: LOTS 501-1000

These lots consisted of stamps, postal history and first-day covers. This second day was always likely to be quiet, and indeed it was. However, here are some pictures of lot 856, which I acquired for £4…

The front of lot 856
A close up of the six stamps
A close up of the big train
The reverse of the envelope
A c,lose up of the explanation.

The auction stage of the day was followed by the most exhausting heavy lifting of the period – day two stuff back upstairs, day three stuff downstairs. 

DAY 3: LOTS 1001-1500

The items under the hammer on day three were postcards, toys, Liebig picture cards, cigarette cards, ephemera, books, vinyls and various miscellaneous items. There was enough of interest going under the hammer to ensure a successful day, and indeed to ensure that the auction overall can be considered a success. This was followed by one last heavy lifting exercise – getting the stuff back upstairs so that the shop looked more like a shop once again. Our next auction, again taking place at our shop will be on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of May. Here are some pictures I took yesterday morning to show what went under the hammer later that day:


This cinema screen sized Charlie’s Angels poster (in the black plastic tube) was lot 1,401 and went unsold.


These Liebig’s were being sold as albums rather than as sheets, and three of the five found buyers.


Imaging, Database, New Style and Some Thoughts on GE2015

There is a natural split in this post between the first three aspects and the fourth, and this will be accentuated by placement of pictures.

Among the various things I have been doing over the last couple of days are producing and uploading the last few images for the January auction (this Wednesday, starting at 10AM, Fakenham Racecourse or online via, and working on the database.

The process for adding new images to an online catalogue on has been greatly simplified. Where previously one had to email or wetransfer late images and hope that they got uploaded, one now has the capacity to edit directly, including replacing images. The process can be done by clicking and dragging from the folder in which your images are stored at your end into the space for images on Personally I found the new system a joy to use. Now to mark the change of tack in this post here are some of those images…

25 ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? 90 90a 90b 130 ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? 387On the subject of the rest of this post, the forthcoming General Election, one should first of all remember that it is not one single contest, but 650 separate contests, each decided on a first past the post basis. The second point is that for everyone except the rich another five years of Cameron as PM will be an absolute, unmitigated disaster. Fortunately, I am saved any great difficulty in my own constituency by the fact that the only candidate with any sort of chance of dislodging the current Tory MP happens to be someone I would be happy to vote for anyway. Jo Rust (Labour) is a Unison Rep, was involved in the successful campaign against the Saddlebow incinerator, was one of those who helped We Are Norwich to make the EDL feel as small and insignificant as they were. The contrast between the incumbent and the challenger is particularly marked when it comes to the NHS – Unison Rep versus shareholder in one of the companies who stand to benefit from the carve up of the NHS. If you are in Northwest Norfolk and want to see the back of the Tories make sure that on election day you get to the polling station and vote for Jo Rust.

A couple more images to finish off – these are of lot 778, which will probably go under the hammer at approximately 2:30PM on Wednesday.

???????????????????????? ????????????????????????

A Family Weekend and a Day at James and Sons

The reason there has been no post on this blog since Friday afternoon is that I spent the weekend in East Rudham at a very large family gathering (my Australian aunt was over, and a veritable tribe descended on East Rudham to take advantage of this event).

Today I did everything I needed to at work, plus making a start on the imaging for the September auction, and benefitted from a rare piece of good fortune in that I left a little early because my colleague who was locking up had to go promptly, and the 15:38 bus to King’s Lynn was more than a little late, so I got home much earlier than expected, and it being bright and sunny, I have been out for a walk.

I have three sets of photographs to share with you, those from the weekend, highlights from today at work, and some from the walk (with very few exceptions wherever I go my trusty Nikon P520 Coolpix also goes), so here goes…

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£5 worth of hand of pork
£5 worth of hand of pork

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Unfortunately due to a mishap we never got to sample this crackling
Unfortunately due to a mishap we never got to sample this crackling

?????????? ??????????

But we most certainly did get to sample the kebabs that this little lot became.
But we most certainly did get to sample the kebabs that this little lot became.

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Outdoor reared Norfolk pork means precisely what it says.
Outdoor reared Norfolk pork means precisely what it says.


It is always a challenge to get good shots of aeroplanes.
It is always a challenge to get good shots of aeroplanes.


This sunflower was growing in someone's front  garden
This sunflower was growing in someone’s front garden
These were provided by my cousin Olivia
These were provided by my cousin Olivia

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