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This post is going to be dominated by things to share (I have a lot of them).



Two important developments concerning this project:

1)Council reconsidering their decision to cut all its funding and

2)A chance for you to help them secure funding.


I will lead into this section with an excellent infographic courtesy of Vox Political...


Naturally,our next link is to a post that features the above picture.

Glynis Millward provides a post that full lives up to its title “Read it and Weep”

Press Gang UK offer an excellent post about Catherine Shuttleworth, ‘undecided voter’

Another UKIP candidate makes the news for the wrong reasons – threatening to put a bullet in one of his rivals on this occasion.


First of all, a link to a very important petition from

Secondly, an excellent piece from someone with very real chance of unseating Jeremy Hunt tomorrow, Dr Louise Irvine of the NHA.


Three links here, first of all to the petition that is at the heart of this campaign and then two more to articles that have been published in

1) The Mirror.



A couple of related posts here, first Faraday’s Candle on vulcanology and second, from a piece about possible volcanic activity on an exoplanet.



Having been very successful at the Custom House, there are now six different light shows available around King’s Lynn at night, and here in the form of four pictures is the official publicity…

DSCN4983 DSCN4984 DSCN4985 DSCN4986


Coming up on the 16th and 17th of May is the Hanse Festival in King’s Lynn, and I will again let a picture (just the one this time) do most of the talking…



For my British followers don;t forget that tomorrow is the General Election – your chance to kick out the worst government of my lifetime. In King’s Lynn we also have Borough Council elections to vote in. In the nick of time (last day before polling) I picked up a delivery which enabled me to enhance my window display looking out on to the High Street…


I encourage everyone to continue the sharing process.

Tory HQ in Massive Blunder (Again)

Before I get to my own stuff I have a plethora of wonderful links to share with you.

LINKS A very interesting Indian site. recruiter=102059100&utm_campaign=signature_receipt_twitter_dialog&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition Two of the people who run this centre talk about it in a must-watch clip. A minor contribution to the discussion of that letter. A very interesting piece about micro-organisms that flourish in sometimes very extreme conditions. A shining example of the gems that can be discovered via twitter


This morning a letter was printed on the front of the Daily Telegraph. Appended to a few lines of body text about why they would be voting conservative were the names of 100 business leaders. Even if this had been entirely genuine, it would have been no more convincing than a letter to the Daily Mirror signed by 100 prominent trade unionists explaining why they were voting labour. However, it was not very long before it was discovered that the letter had been drafted in Tory HQ, and that a sizeable portion of the signatories were already known Tories, in some cases even Tory peers. As the day progressed, this was compounded by somebody noting the presence in that list of a 100 of a number of Mrs Cameron’s cronies (yes, they really are that stupid/ arrogant).

Various people made suggestions through the day about other selections of 100 people with a linked trait who could sign a letter about why they were voting labour (disabled people, and food bank users were two suggestions).

This letter was intended to boost the Tories and harm Labour, but I suspect that like the now legendary “Road to Recovery” poster that started the year its effect will be the reverse. The letter (unsurprisingly since it came from Tory HQ) was riddled with factual inaccuracies, as well as the problems already documented with the so-called signatories. It started out as a non-story given ridiculous air-time (“100 rich b**t**ds are going to vote Tory”) and un-ravelled from there.

Frankly, the use of this kind of tactic suggests desperation. To end this little section I have a couple more links to analyses of this story…

Now for some pictures…

The first three pictures were taken through the window of a moving bus.
The first three pictures were taken through the window of a moving bus.

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four birds in the picture, each of a different species.
four birds in the picture, each of a different species.

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The Red Mount Chapel
The Red Mount Chapel
A close-up of some brickwork, Red Mount Chapel
A close-up of some brickwork, Red Mount Chapel
The Vancouver Garden viewed from near the Red Mount Chapel
The Vancouver Garden viewed from near the Red Mount Chapel

?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????????

These tiny ducklings may have been out on their first ever swim.
These tiny ducklings may have been out on their first ever swim.

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The most famous facade in King's Lynn.
The most famous facade in King’s Lynn.

I hope that you have enjoyed this and I encourage you to share it widely.

General Election and Other Stuff

As is now usual with my posts I will be starting with some links for you to follow before moving on to the main meat.

LINKS A devastating indictment of the current benefit sanctions policy. Britain;s worst jobcentre strikes again. Tory desperation in the fine city of Norwich. A singer interviews a pianist… Just another example of UKIP at their hilarious worst. A legendary troll getting her come-uppance. Some quality images of Norfolk here. A campaign website. The petition to save Southwark Woods. The Independent on the election. Vox Political on the election. The online hub of a campaign to save a vital resource for disabled people in the Waltham Forest area.

The first set of pics from today…

Mike Rosen's name on the cover of a book is generally good sign, and this book is even better than that suggests.
Mike Rosen’s name on the cover of a book is generally good sign, and this book is even better than that suggests.

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While I thoroughly understand and respect those who wish to vote for a left-wing alternative to labour, I urge care. By voting for a small left-wing organisation you may just end up helping the tories. In my own constituency I am faced with only two remotely palatable choices, labour or green. The fact that labour have selected an excellent candidate in Jo Rust, and the fact the only time this seat has been occupied by anyone other than Henry Bellingham since 1983 was between 1997 and 2001 when labour held it have been sufficient to sway me. I will vote labour and I will do so with a song in my heart, and I want to see a huge turnout at the ballot-boxes in King’s Lynn because that is how we will do our part to ensure that we are not saddled with another five years of Cameron and his cronies.

Here in plain text is my personal voting history in general elections…


  • 1997: Labour and celebrated long and hard as the government that had been in power all my conscious life was finally booted out.
  • 2001: Socialist Alliance – I was in a rock-solid labour seat at the time and could afford to vote to the left by way of protest.
  • 2005: Respect – see above
  • 2010: Liberal Democrats – my worst ever mistake in a general election, but at the time it seemed sensible. The labour candidate who had been parachuted in from Leicester then torpedoed his own credibility with a speed to rival that of a Ukipper and the only other possibility to unseat the sitting Tory was the one I voted for. Five years of betrayals later I can say with certainty that I will NEVER make that mistake again.
  • 2015: Labour – with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. We have an excellent candidate in Jo Rust, labour took this seat in 1997 (the only period since 1983 when the MP has been other than Henry Bellingham) and can therefore do so again.

Having reached this stage you deserve some more pictures…


Another vote that will be settled on May 7th - that for Britain's national bird. Here is my candidate.
Another vote that will be settled on May 7th – that for Britain’s national bird. Here is my candidate.

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Imaging, Database, New Style and Some Thoughts on GE2015

There is a natural split in this post between the first three aspects and the fourth, and this will be accentuated by placement of pictures.

Among the various things I have been doing over the last couple of days are producing and uploading the last few images for the January auction (this Wednesday, starting at 10AM, Fakenham Racecourse or online via, and working on the database.

The process for adding new images to an online catalogue on has been greatly simplified. Where previously one had to email or wetransfer late images and hope that they got uploaded, one now has the capacity to edit directly, including replacing images. The process can be done by clicking and dragging from the folder in which your images are stored at your end into the space for images on Personally I found the new system a joy to use. Now to mark the change of tack in this post here are some of those images…

25 ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? 90 90a 90b 130 ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? 387On the subject of the rest of this post, the forthcoming General Election, one should first of all remember that it is not one single contest, but 650 separate contests, each decided on a first past the post basis. The second point is that for everyone except the rich another five years of Cameron as PM will be an absolute, unmitigated disaster. Fortunately, I am saved any great difficulty in my own constituency by the fact that the only candidate with any sort of chance of dislodging the current Tory MP happens to be someone I would be happy to vote for anyway. Jo Rust (Labour) is a Unison Rep, was involved in the successful campaign against the Saddlebow incinerator, was one of those who helped We Are Norwich to make the EDL feel as small and insignificant as they were. The contrast between the incumbent and the challenger is particularly marked when it comes to the NHS – Unison Rep versus shareholder in one of the companies who stand to benefit from the carve up of the NHS. If you are in Northwest Norfolk and want to see the back of the Tories make sure that on election day you get to the polling station and vote for Jo Rust.

A couple more images to finish off – these are of lot 778, which will probably go under the hammer at approximately 2:30PM on Wednesday.

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